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Narration is the basis of any story. A narrative essay is thus a reflection of the verbal stories we give, put in writing. It describes a story using specific and vivid details, creating a visual experience in the reader’s mind. There are two basic types of narrative essays — descriptive and autobiographical. When writing a descriptive one you can turn on your creativity to the fullest — basically you just have to tell a story, it doesn’t matter whether it is true or now and how it is related to real life. When writing an autobiographical essay you have to focus on true facts of your biography and make them sound interesting to a target audience, to your readers. When students get an assignment to write an autobiographical narrative essay, it means that they should write it using lots of “I” statements, describing life from your personal perspective. It can sound as a simple thing to do, but unfortunately, not even high school, but also college and university students often fail this narrative essay writing assignment. Get to know how to approach this task and you will be done with it sooner than you expect.

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Writing Narrative Essays Fast

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when writing a professional narrative essay. Of course, not all of them will be suitable for your topic, but you can bookmark this page, as many other students do, and use it later with another topic in question. These questions are mostly applicable to autobiographical narrative essay, which is the most common type of narrative essays in general.

When touching on your personal qualities or abilities in an essay, ask yourself:

  • Do I differ in one quality or another from those whom I know?
  • How can a prove these qualities with practical examples?

About your achievements and activities you get engaged to?

  • What made me do this kind of activity?
  • Why did I continue to do this?

Every event in your life that you mentioned:

  • Why did I remember this particular event?
  • Has it changed me as a person?
  • How did I respond to this?
  • Was this a revelation to me;
  • What I had never suspected?

About each person you mentioned:

  • Why did I mention this person?
  • Do I strive to become like him?
  • What are his qualities I admire?
  • Have I revised my views?

About each of your preferences and things you don’t like:

  • Why do I like it or not?
  • Has this circumstance largely affected my life?

About your every failure:

  • What did I learn as a result?
  • What did I learn from this situation?

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