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Informal essays are kind of non-fictional essays written in a casual format. It reflects personality, thoughts and opinions of those writing it. The whole content is about the central subject, while the essay is supposed to be written in a conversational and argument-oriented style. It is presented the way so to resemble a person narrating his personal experience or some incident without following any established writing pattern or logical sequence.

Professors in College and University, however, assign great importance to this kind of papers as they help in evaluating students’ understanding of different writing methodologies. Moreover, information on the structure and contents of your thoughts allows them to assess the student’s subject knowledge. Thus, informal writing assumes great academic value and take an important place in student’s life and at the same time has high potential for earning higher academic merits.

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The Following Points Have to Be Borne in Mind while Writing:

  1. Even though this type of essay is called “informal”, there are still academic writing rules to write it, which make it rather formal.
  2. The essay should stick to the context of the topic and be interesting to the reader. It should have a structure to enable good understanding and readability.
  3. As the essay is written in conversational style and by the imagination of the writer, it does not mean it can contain fictitious account of happenings and non-existent things.
  4. The content should be lively, engaging, light and appealing to the readers. The essay should be touchy, and carry and reveal the emotions and feelings of the essay writer.
  5. It should not be vague and utterly out of tandem or out of the scope of the topical subject.
  6. Though not having a standard to stick to, various points and sections in the essay still must be logical, while the text coherent.

If you are faced with this task as part of your School, College or University class and find yourself not having the necessary and adequate knowledge and writing skill to write it, do not panic. It is not unusual. Most of the students feel the same way as you, because they have very little or no experience in writing different types of essays. Furthermore, the writing process requires not only complete understanding of various essay writing patterns, but also the awareness of the different Citation Styles of writing and a deep knowledge of the essay subject. You need to have great creativity and command over the language so that your essay will become reader-worthy and appreciable. As it is the case, what else is the way out? The answer is simple: your best option is getting help from us!

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