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A descriptive essay is done with the objective of portraying nature, people, moments, theories and occurrences with sufficient vibrant detail to assist the reader paint a mental image of whatever is being discussed. The author may choose vivid imagery, fresh language, or they may decide to work with descriptive examples that take an ordinary subject or occurrence and then comparing it with something extraordinary, to make it more interesting and beautiful to read. It evokes the human senses with aim of bringing to life the subject matter using illustrative words to the delight of the reader. Furthermore, excellently executed descriptive pieces allow the readers to have a more profound appreciation for the topic as well as an emotional association to the characters described.

Some key points for writing an excellent descriptive essay:

  1. Crafting a Draft. During this preliminary drafting period, the outline needs be used. However, keep in mind that you have to introduce the subject to the readers with as many details as possible. A great way to do this is to evoke all the reader’s senses.
  2. The Introductory Paragraph. The descriptive paper, like any other academic paper, must have a well-structured introductory part. It must draw the attention of the readers and help them focus on the main topic under discussion. It may stipulate the author’s relation to the characters or subject and the intention of the writing. Finally, the writing must be formatted the way so to resemble a funnel: starting from the most general information up to the most concrete.
  3. The Body Paragraphs. These subsections of your descriptive essay should provide the characteristics of the selected topic, delving into the details of each quality in the subsequent paragraphs. For example, if you decide to write about a personality, you could take into consideration their character traits, their appearance and finally their interests, hobbies and talents.
  4. The concluding Paragraph. The concluding paragraph is the last phase of the descriptive writing and should emphasize the author’s personal opinions on the topic, vindicating why it had such an intense influence on him or her.
  5. Reviewing Process. This stage is aimed at rereading the text written, making all the possible changes to refine it. This part of the writing process is generally found uneasy by many inexperienced writers, as it is rather challenging to be self-critical. In this case, the best approach would be to find a professional service to help you with this task. Our brilliant writers ensure that the readers of your essay are glued from the first to the last sentence. They further ensure that it’s very precise in its details without leaving out any important information.
  6. Polishing Stage. During this phase, our experts review, proofread and rectify any errors of mechanics or grammar. Clarity and style are also added at this point. They keep an eye out for any excessive adverbs and adjectives as well as any cliché phrases. This is great way to have your essay checked for any issues and refined with a fresh perspective.

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