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Need Help with Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Compare and contrast essay is aimed at evaluation, synthesis and comparison of two different topics, objects, or phenomena. From the first glance, for example, the two phenomena chosen may seem alike, however when conducting an in depth research you may come to the completely opposite conclusion; or, by contrast, the author may conclude there is a number of similar traits, therefore the phenomena in question are alike thus must be viewed as representatives of the same group. Depending on your thesis statement and the body paragraphs elaborating on similarities and differences, the general conclusion will be drawn.

Compare and contrast essay is expected to develop the following skills:

  1. The skill of selecting the potentially valuable information from the trustworthy sources;
  2. The ability to think Critically and Rationally;
  3. The skill of distinguishing the phenomena one from another;
  4. The ability to structure properly your arguments;
  5. The skill of not oversimplifying a complex reality we all exist in.

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Tips on How to Write a High-Standard Essay

Having the right ideas does not mean you have the right essay already. In some cases, you need a few guidelines and clues to help you have an edge over everyone else. These clues run all the way as you prepare to carve out the essay and the actual writing. Some of these guidelines include but are not limited to;

  • Brainstorm your topic. Do not just jump into your essay but rather think it through. Consider all the possible subjects before deciding on one.
  • Both subjects should be mentioned before the discussion. The subjects must be within the same category but have some level of likeness.
  • A reason to compare must be clearly stated. The choice of the topics must have a detailed backing to show why they are the best suited to write on.
  • Do not struggle to point out the preferred subject between the ones chosen but rather use your language to show their connection gradually.
  • Decide on the structure and draft your essay before embarking on writing. Outline the entire essay and then the paragraphs. You can decide whether to write point by point or subject by subject.
  • Consider the main points and make sure you discuss the topics in an in-depth manner. This is to help your readers understand why it is important to compare and contrast the topics chosen.
  • Make use of reputable sources to back up your points.
  • Use the conclusion as a summary of the entire essay.

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From the first glance writing this type of essay may seem easy, however carrying out an extensive research on both sides of the discussion to make sure you have the right set of information can prove to be a daunting task, since it requires specific skills and knowledge; moreover, this task is time-consuming and calls for good research skills; while all the parts of the essay should have proper transitions to ensure a smooth flowing paper. One must spend great effort to get the right balance.

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