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Admission essays or personal statements can change your life. They can get you to the college or university of your dream, or keep your high school aspirations just the way they were. Looking for admission essay writing help is more than natural, considering how much depends on this assignment. Our service is proud to state that it hires professional admission essay writers and you can get a paper written by them at any time. You provide us with instructions, we provide you with admission essay writing service and deliver your paper on time. The essay is also used to gauge what you can do given the chance to think, plan and work on a writing project. The greatest piece of advice any admissions officer could offer is “Be you.” Another great advice they would give, but they are not supposed to, is “if you feel like you are going to fail it, order it online from an expert because your rivals do.” We’ve gathered the most working tips to provide you with admission essay writing help for free. Get a closer look and decide whether they will be enough for you to deal with the assignment.

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Effective Admission Essay Writing Guide

Surely, you have met such common advice as “write about things that are really important,” “write sincerely,” and so on.

But… They do not always work. An essay can be written from the heart and at the same time look awful. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid to succeed:

  • Writing a high-quality admission essay, avoid cliche and abuse of metaphors. Even if you still don’t know what to write about, start by learning the most commonly used clichés. At least that way you will know exactly what to avoid in your essay.
  • Dealing with a professional personal statement, be careful with vocabulary and encyclopedic definitions. Believe us, representatives of admissions offices are well aware of the meaning of words. The phrases "According to the Oxford Dictionary, ..." make your essay unremarkable.
  • Drop epigraphs or excessive quoting of famous poets, writers. Same. Imagine how many applicants mention George Washington's quotes or quote Shakespeare! You don't want to be one of them, right?
  • Forget about seemingly impressive “sound effects” — your admission essay doesn’t need them. They are relevant in conversation, not in academic writing. So leave your whistles and cheers for a friendly chat.
  • Try to avoid using too complicated sentences in your original admission essay. Imagine yourself in the role of the selection committee member, which has already reviewed hundreds of essays. He reads your essay, which states: “A phenomenon that characterizes a cognitive function ...”, and the first thing that comes to mind is to put the text aside.
  • Repetition of information that is already listed in the annexes to the application also doesn’t make your unique admission essay shine to professor’s eyes. For example, avoid listing published articles or sporting achievements.

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Students want high-quality admissions essays on sales and we are eager to provide them. You can order this type of paper even eight hours before the deadline, and receive an excellent and 100% original final draft right on time. We don’t claim to be the best admission essay writing service in the market, because we know we have some strong competitors to look up to, but we are definitely in top-5 when it comes to writing a successful personal statement for students.

If you need more personal statement writing help than just some writing tips, you can always order this kind of essay with our service and rest assured it will be written at an affordable price and the highest level of quality. The proximity of the deadline considerably affects the final price, so the earlier you order, the less you will pay for your final draft. We carefully approach the required format of your essay and make it personalized to your needs. Order a professionally written personal statement now to impress the admission committee later!

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