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A research proposal, sometimes called as a prospectus, is a formal type of academic writing, the main idea of which is to make an announcement in the proper academic way that you are intending to research a specific field of interest. Insofar as it is not a complete research itself but the simplified version of one, the bulk of study is expected to be done later: when writing theses or dissertations. Next, it will include arguments for the necessity of the research, with all sort of evidence justifying its significance. The extensive literature review is designated to provide this evidence. Admittedly, this task must be done with all seriousness, as it reflects the level of the scholar’s preparedness for the study. For example, the sources need to be divided into groups. Suppose that the first group will stand for the newspapers, representing the primary sources, whereas the second group might comprise the scholarly articles. It will be responsible for the secondary sources respectively. The number of groups will depend on the amount and types of the literature found.

The proposal for your thesis or dissertation has to be constructed in a way to demonstrate to the project supervisor that all the necessary material is gathered, the objectives are defined, and the methodology to reach the conclusions is known. Still, there are numerous cases when supervisors ask for additional research to be done, depending on the complexity of the topic. Therefore, it would be quite reasonable to craft a decent proposal from the very beginning just to exclude the further possibility of additional consultations with the supervisor followed by extra research and sleepless nights; otherwise, in less optimistic cases, one might be asked to rewrite it completely. Hence, if you have the same thoughts regarding the quality of writing yet possess insufficient knowledge to craft it properly, that is the time and place when EssayLib comes into play!

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Here’s some advice from EssayLib before starting the writing process:

  1. Before entering the writing stage, spend some time picking the appropriate topic. If it is too broad, it might not be accepted by the professor. Therefore, first it would need to be narrowed down; this will demonstrate that the author knows exactly the object of investigation.
  2. Next, choose the topic relating to some present issue, in case if the subject and the area of interest allow doing so. Your supervisor might wonder why you selected a well-worn topic if you don’t make plain what is new and different about your angle.

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Each thesis or dissertation supervisor expects a set of questions to be answered while student’s writing the prospectus. The structure, in its turn, is expected to reflect the type of writing as well. Thus, to meet these expectations and to achieve fantastic results, the questions below will be answered in the expanded way; while the answer to each question will be located at the strictly defined place to meet the structuring requirements of the project:

  • Why this topic? The wording of this section will be specifically designed to persuade the reader of the need for the research;
  • For whom is the chosen topic important? There is always a specific audience interested in the topic. However, the importance varies for them, depending on the seriousness of the chosen issue and the volume of the research done previously. Therefore, based on the topic, the arguments for why this is important to the audience will be presented.
  • What is the research question? Every scientific work written has for the purpose to prove or disprove a certain hypothesis. The prospectus is not the paper, where it needs to be proven; however, it must be indicated to show that the author knows what the paper is going to be about. Consequently, according to the topic and objectives, the research question will be defined.
  • What are the research aims and objectives? By conducting research, the scholar normally intends to test the hypothesis. In order to do so, we will create a complete list of steps to be undertaken and methods utilized in the area of investigation to answer the research question.
  • What is going to be done to reach the objectives? according to the topic, the appropriate methodology will be chosen. Here is a simplified example: to reach the research objectives, the topic requires a qualitative analysis of several case studies, which might possibly have common patterns. After the comprehensive comparative analysis, the conclusions will be drawn and the research question answered.
  • What is the contribution the research is about to make? Depending on the ambition of the project, its contribution will be measured.

As one may conclude based on the evidence presented above, the major feature which makes EssayLib stand apart from the other companies is lying in the dimension of knowledge and practical skills polished for years. Hence, the decision to buy a research proposal from here would be the most appropriate one, as knowledge is the force moving the progress of the humanity. Every single proposal is crafted as if the writers were composing the papers for themselves. As a result, the knowledge and the desire to attain perfection in writing allows us to build a thesis or dissertation proposal for the most exacting students as well as their supervisors.

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