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A critical thinking essay is a type of assignment that many students tend to struggle with. It requires a student to analyze and evaluate a source: the scientific value of the ideas expressed in it, the significance of problems raised in the source, authenticity of propositions, and so on; in addition, a student should design and provide decisions and courses of action regarding the issues discussed in the source, and based on the analysis this student has conducted. Obviously, such specifics make critical thinking a valuable skill for a number of professional and academic areas. Being able to discover, logically analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and describe the relationships between the ideas expressed in a source are among the most important skills a person must possess in order to write a critical thinking essay. Students are then required to present the results of their analysis in written form.

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What is So Special about Critical Thinking?

A critical thinking essay consists of an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion; while possessing the same structure as many other essays, this kind of academic assignment is tricky in terms of what you write, not how you write it. It is not enough to simply list the ideas of an analyzed source and express your opinion on them. In this case, your opinion is just a thesis statement, and the rest of the paper must support it. You must elaborate on what kind of source you are studying, whether the author managed to clearly express his/her main idea, what kind of material it is that you are analyzing (entertaining, scientific, educative, informative, and so on). While writing, you should also use persuasive techniques in order to effectively argue your opinion on the source; the most popular techniques are appealing to emotions and to logic.

Unlike what some people might think, “critical” thinking does not necessarily mean “negative” thinking. The term “critical thinking” rather implies the ability to assess and evaluate, to look through words straight at the meaning. Depending on what you see, your evaluation may be positive or negative, ranging between accepting and supporting the ideas from the source, and up to critiquing or opposing them. This is why writing critical thinking essays has become an extremely popular assignment in the academic environment; this is also why many students prefer to outsource, looking for writers able to help them accomplish their critical thinking assignments. EssayLib is a place where such help can be found.

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When working on a critical thinking essay, a student has to make the most out of their intellectual capabilities, since this is probably one of the most challenging academic assignments. Needless to say, even a short critical paper can be extremely time-consuming—the constant lack of time that most students experience can seriously obstruct the studying process and even affect academic performance. Knowing this, EssayLib suggests that you order a custom written critical thinking essay so that our writers can work on it.

Our writers deliver the best papers possible. They thoroughly research, identify arguments, articulate conclusions, and write your papers observing all the stylistic, formatting, and other requirements. During the process of writing, you can contact an EssayLib expert you are working with, and make all the necessary corrections to their work, thus making sure that in the end, you get exactly what you want.

This is not to mention excellent language skills of our writers: originating from the United States and Canada they can handle academic assignments of any difficulty level (high school, college, university, masters and Ph.D.). EssayLib writers will gladly write your custom critical thinking essay for you.

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