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Custom Capstone Project

A capstone project is an assignment carried out during the final year of studies that aims at capping the academic experience of the student. It is a multi-dimensional assignment within a chosen subject.

The main aim of writing a capstone project is to give you a chance to display the different skills you have learned over the course of your years in college. It gives you a platform to show your interdisciplinary skills such as critical thinking, writing skills, math, etc. The capstone project may cover any of the various fields that you have encountered in your entire education experience. It allows you to choose from a wide range of subjects you have encountered in your life either on a personal level or as a third person. From this research project, you get to have an in-depth study of the subject that fascinates you or one with an existing problem that requires a solution. Furthermore, it prepares you for a role as a leader in the technical area of study.

The lecturing fraternity uses the capstone project to attest whether their students are acquiring the right kind of skills set. If the students are not getting the right skills, then the professors and lecturers can gauge that from the capstone project writing and carve it to suit the required standards. Therefore, the lecturers expect their students to choose an area of study that is within or without the constraints of their study, research on the same and write an in-depth paper or essay from their point of view. In some fields, they expect presentations of their projects. From all these, the lecturers classify their students and use the classifications to adjust their modes of information presentation accordingly.

In some cases, the capstone project may turn out to be quite a daunting task especially if the students does not have enough time to research their subject or if they are not well equipped with good writing skills. This results in having a poor score and consequently a view of it being a fail.

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