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Research Essay Sample

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Free Research Essay Sample

In the research essay written by, Ron Kline, a pediatric oncologist, entitled “I Am the Enemy” his main objective is to save the lives of children. His medical research is performed on animals, and because of this research Dr. Kline receives a lot of negative feedback. Activist groups seem to think opposing animal research may slow down Dr. Kline’s work. These organizations believe their way is the only right way, so they portray medical researchers inflicting pain on animals, causing them suffering and wrongful death. Were it not for Kline’s research, humans could suffer tragic deaths. Activists want alternative methods used, suggesting computers could replace real flesh and blood. However, medical research could not be done without animals– it just won’t work. Unfortunately, restricting animal research could drastically affect our everyday life. Restrictions on Dr. Kline’s work also puts restrictions on life. This angers the medical research personnel that pour their lives into saving the life of someone’s wonderful child. One has to wonder; do animal activists care for human life as much as they do for rats that have been bred to save lives?

Although the essay “I Am the Enemy” is an eye opener to animal research, it makes us ask, just because we are human, do we have the right to use animals to prolong our own life? Dr. Ron Kline believes he cannot save lives without using animals for research and he is tired of animal rights organizations trying to hold back his work. According to “Vivisection”, scientists should be obligated to ask themselves whether or not animals are essential to the collection of data in a given experiment that will probably benefit humanity, (Edward T. Greenstein).

Life saving medication is not the only type of research that animals are used for. Animals are used to test cosmetics, chemicals, vitamin deficiencies, and some are used to test life-support systems in spacecrafts. What kinds of animals are used? Not just rats like news people show and talk about on T.V.

The most common type of animals used for testing also include mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, frogs, and turtles. For example, nonhuman primates are used to study eyes and blood, and fatty inner layers associated with hardening of the arteries. Monkeys are also used for surgical techniques, and tests are run on rabbits for toxicity and oral contraceptives.

Some animals are experimented on for toxic agents, drug abuse, and marijuana use for long-term spans. Mice help determine the metabolism of a drug in a human body. Chickens are tested for gout, primates for balding, horses for emphysema, and cocker spaniels for glaucoma. A Mediterranean area in Asia first tested hamsters for a child’s disease by the name of leishmamiasis. Rats were first studied for sigmodon hispid us and in laboratories for polio test control. The number of live animals used each year for experimentation could amount to around 100 million.

Understandably, the Vivisection group campaigns for better human treatment in laboratory animals, and hope that someday they would do away with testing with animal’s altogether.

In the fifth century, research done in India connected malaria to mosquitoes, ancient Greek physicians used animals to study human anatomy.

The American Indian used every part of all animals killed: for food, clothing, preservation and shelter. Animals’s play an important row in the survival of mankind. Mistreatment of animals is wrong, but we need them, not only for pets, but for companionship and for life-saving tests doctors and scientists perform. Studies show there has been over 100 years of animal research for medical sciences on numerous diseases. The Scientific Procedure Act requires painkiller and anesthetics be used, for all animals that may experience pain or discomfort during an experiment. Looking at the number of laboratory animals used compared to quality of life, both humans and animals benefit.

While two million cats and dogs are abandoned every year, 2.6 million are used for experimentation. Rabbi Rayne added, “{I} would regard any experimentation on animals as ethically permissible provided that it is done in such a way as to cause the least possible suffering to the animals and, that there is real basis for the hope that such experimentation may lead to the saving of human life or the relief of human suffering. I have tried to find facts on both sides of the matter, and I can see good points with both, we do need research, and we need to take care of our animals when we use them.”

Although some groups promote the belief that animals should not be used at all for testing, others believe we can’t fight diseases and unknown viruses without using research animals. The title “I Am the Enemy” could be taken as “who is the enemy?” Can we really stop science? And if we could, do we really want to? Progress makes our world what it is today, people won’t change it because it does not suit them, but need to learn to take what changes we get and watch over them. We are a world of progress!

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