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Medical Treatment Essay

Posted by admin as Sample papers

Medical Treatment Essay Sample

Medical treatment is important and useful when it is given at the right time. Failure to provide adequate medical care oftentimes leads to the aggravation of health conditions, can lead to irreversible and permanent damages to the human body and even death.

In the following essay I am going to speak about the importance of correct medical treatment given to the student at the rights time regarding the following injuries. One should remember that all of these injuries are severe enough and require medical attention and hospital/clinic treatment.

-Loss of a permanent tooth. Mouth and tooth hygiene is vital for the general health condition of humans. Besides the mental and physical pain that accompanies the loss of a permanent tooth, a person is exposed to the threat from bacteria and microbes that through the cavity could penetrate the bone and damage the scull (Biros, 88).

-Possible ankle strain, vs. sprain vs. fracture. Strains, sprains and fractures require much attention since they typically immobilize the person who experienced them and thus prevents him/her from the normal daily activities. Strains, sprains and fractures involve a great deal of pain, while local anesthesia is typically required before the student is delivered to the hospital. Failure to deliver the proper medical treatment at the right time might lead to the student’s loss of ability to move.

-Compound fracture requires urgent medical attention since it typically involves a great deal of pain that in some instances in the absence of anesthesia and medical treatment might cause patient’s lethality from shock. Although many patients can move after incurring compound fractures, it is advisable that they have the fractured part put in cast to assure proper recovery. Failure to provide prompt medical treatment can lead to the death from the shock, loss of large amounts of blood, and permanent damages to the legs/arms (places that most frequently are exposed to compound fractures) let alone loss of ability to use legs and arms (Edwards, 142).

-Head injury just like other traumas shown above requires medical attention. The head is very vulnerable to traumas that can have a latent negative effect on the person’s body since the shock/damage of the human brain might cause other human organs function improperly. One should remember that head injuries require that the patient does not move before the ambulance arrives. Failure to diagnose, and cure the head injuries can lead to the person’s future mental disorders, or failure of some other organs in the body.

-Trauma to an eye is probably one of the saddest traumas that one can happen to a student since this trauma oftentimes gets into sight. The damaged eye needs a delicate and accurate yet urgent medical attention and treatment. Eyes provide people with 9/10 of all the information and the loss of sight or the eye because of the trauma or maltreatment of it is certainly should not be allowed. Just like many other traumas the failure to provide proper medical treatment can lead to the loss of sight, loss of eye and the inflammation of the scull.

-Chemical burn of the forearm provides another example of the injury that requires medical assistance and attention. One should understand that the chemical burn is caused by some chemical agent foreign to the body. After burning the skin, this agent may penetrate deep into the human body and enter the blood and lymph streams and thus poison other parts of the body like liver, brain, heart or kidneys. The nurse should understand that besides treating the burnt part of the body, the whole body should be treated with the proper antidote. Failure to provide quick and efficient medical assistance to those impacted with chemical burns might lead to the body poisoning, inflammation of the injured area, loss of blood, and pain shock. Quite often chemical burns leave permanent damages to the skin and the patients after proper treatment are advised to visit the plastic surgeon.

Edwards, Tanise, Urgent Care Medicine, McGraw Hill, 2002.
Biros, Michelle, Handbook of Urgent Care Medicine, Prentice Hall, 2002.

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