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Mafia Essay

Posted by admin as Sample papers

Sample Essay on Mafia Development in the USA

Throughout all the centuries, crime exists in our society in both organized and unorganized forms. For many people it is a lifestyle, in the economy it is an integral part of the economic institution. Crime is committed by individual persons as well as by groups. “Mafia” is one of the organized forms of crime. The term “mafia” is referred now to any large group of people engaged in organized crime, or in suspicious activity. This paper explores the development of Mafia in the USA within last decades and discusses its influence on our society.

In the early of 1900 organized crime, or Mafia, began its existence in the United States. The first Mafia groups in the United States became spread in the New York City area. Five New York families such as the Bonanno family, the Colombo family, the Gambino family, the Genovese family, and the Lucchese family were dominating. In the mid-Twentieth Century Mafia achieved its top of prosperity in the United States. But in the 1970s and 1980s the Mafia began its decline partly because such programs as the witness protection program. Some laws such as the RICO Act helped to decrease crime. According to the RICO Act, it is a crime to belong to a criminal organization. As Reuter states, “the traditional (Sicilian/Italian) Mafia is in decline, if not yet quite” (1995). In result, the new generation of criminal organisations began their existence in the United States and in many parts of the world. They supplant the traditional Mafia more and more. Almost 20 new different kinds of organized crime groups exist, and possibly it is not a complete information. These crime groups differ by race, ethnicity, language, culture and nationality. Some of them are American ones, but many others are from other parts of the world and their members are the immigrants. These are Japanese Yakuza groups, Chinese triad groups from Hong Kong, the Russian mafia, Hispanic organized crime organizations, etc. For example, the well known Colombian drug cartels from the cities of Cali and Medellin distribute a great number of drugs and cocaine in the United States (Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, 1996, pp. 81-88; Kleinknecht, 1996). Russian mafia gangsters are specialized in the underground economy implemented in the former Soviet Union. One of their leading white-collar fraudulent operations in the United States was tax evasion in the resale of fuel oil through dummy wholesale companies. According to this scheme, only the company that sells the fuel oil to retailers must pay taxes, but this company disappears before any taxes are paid. In the United States new groups can be divided into groups by race and origin, but very often these categories are crossed with each other. Among the blacks groups exist the South Central Los Angeles street gangs the Bloods and the Crips.

They distribute narcotics in a umber of Midwestern cities. The Bloods and the Crips are confederations of smaller highly organized gangs such as Chicago’s P. Blackstone Nation and Black Gangster Disciples from South Side of Chicago.

Additionally these gangs consist of other black gangs in USA which are on different organization stages and some of them originated from Black Muslim groups (Kleinknecht, 1996). Some members of the white groups originated from motorcycle gangs and the most famous of them are Hell’s Angels, the Outlaws and the Pagans progressing in the USA and Europe (President’s Commission on Organized Crime, 1986, pp. 58-71). The members of the new American mafia groups promote extortion, prostitution, gambling, kidnapping, and murder to reach their aims. These criminal organizations control not only the adults but the children as well through the distribution and sale of drugs.

So, the Mafia is still a big problem in the USA and other countries. Organized crime is connected more and more with different ethnic groups, but not with traditional Italian-American Mafia. Now to stop crime organizations is a very important task of the government for the sake of our society and our future.


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