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Gun Control Essay

Posted by admin as Sample papers

Sample Essay on Gun Control

Streets are scaring and there are more criminals on them than usual citizens, people are afraid to leave their places after dark till dawn, chaos ascended the throne and, unfortunately, there is no any superman, spiderman or batman, if nobody else, to save the world from evil. Human world is as cruel as the animal one, but animals have mercy and usually kill each other only for food. Animals do not feel envy and anger as humans do. Is it a nightmare about distant future or maybe a harsh reality? This situation is very familiar with situation in American megapolises, which are consumed with hatred. It is difficult to survive in such hostile environment, defend yourself and protect your family because the government can not guarantee complete security for everybody. So in order to feel more safe people buy weapon. As it is approved in most State Constitutions, people can keep and bear arms in lawful purposes. But can it be asserted that the problem is solved? Of course no because as far as civilians have arms many other problems occur. The most important of them is gun control. Inasmuch as weapon can be bought by almost every adult, government needs to control and regulate arms handling. The following problem raises: how government should fulfill gun control in the most effective way?

I often visit different parties, night-clubs and discotheques. Thus I often return at home at night and it disturbs me a lot, because most crimes take place at night. Hence I am exposed to be abused, robbed or murdered. In order to protect myself I need some means of self-defense and the most effective mean of self-defense is a gun of course. I do not have a gun now, but I often think about it and, probably, I will buy it in the nearest future. Also the problem of gun control affects me because I am a representative of the “new generation”, which is responsible for the future of Americans and it is for us to decide to allow or prohibit gun handling for civilians in the future.

As I know the problem of gun control is very actual and important nowadays because of high delinquency level. It has many aspects, most of which are double-sided. One of the most important aspects is the determining the categories of people which can and which can not keep and bear arms. If every citizen would have a gun then, probably, United States will be wiped off the surface of the Earth in the nearest future. So who can have arms and who can not? Of course criminals can not, but they need to defend themselves too! Even psychopaths do need to defend themselves. From one side cranks can kill innocent people, from another – their illness is not a reason to prohibit them to have arms. For example, if I am consumptive it does not prohibit me to bear a gun. I think it is not fair, but I do not want to be murdered by crank somewhere in side street. I think it is impossible to determine all possible and existent criminals and prevent them from having weapon. Next important problem of gun control is preventing children and teenagers from getting access to arms. Children often do not understand that “playing” with weapon is fraught with consequences and it is difficult to hide weapon from them, explain and prove them that arms pose hazard to life. Of course it is not easy at all to determine if the arms were used lawfully or not.

Finally, I want to summarize my points: “gun control” problem definitely exists and it has many aspects both positive and negative. There are exist many points of view and opinions on this problem and its aspects in society, but the golden mean was not found yet, and, probably, will not be found because every positive and negative aspect of “gun control” problem has its own stalwarts and opponents, and their positions are well-grounded. To better understand the gun control problem, I need to learn more about the means of gun control. I need to know the following things: – which types of analysis and examinations are already known and used in criminalistics, and how trustworthy are they; – criminal statistics (to reveal most dangerous social classes); – criminalistics (to understand criminal motives); – history (to understand motives of interracial conflicts); – psychology (to learn how to reveal if the person is dangerous for society) and many other sciences, facts and indicators.

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