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Deserving Hero in “Watchmen” Essay

Posted by admin as Sample papers

Sample Essay on Deserving Hero in “Watchmen”

In this comic book “Watchmen” by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon, there are different characters that have varying powers and roles. For instance, there is Ozymandias who is a villain dispossessed of his powers, Nite Owl who likes gadgets with an owl nature and Silk Spectre who is comedian who brings relief the book. In addition, there is another main character called Dr. Manhattan who has supernatural powers and ability to foretell. On that note, this essay aims to analyze the strongest character in terms of role played in the Watchmen to express the various themes of the book such as technology and supernatural powers (Moore and Gibbon 5). In addition, the discussion explains the significance of offering the award to Dr. Manhattan and not other major characters with equally strong roles.

According to me, the most deserving character in the book is Dr. Manhattan who has the role of protecting humanity because of his godly powers. Dr. Manhattan deserves the Oscar Awards. On that note, to qualify for the aforementioned award, one must attain the certain qualifications, which I believe the character possesses. For example, in case of Oscar Award, Dr. Manhattan must have a leading role or supporting part of the categories (Moore and Gibbon 10). On that, the qualification to receive the award will be determined by the Oscar board through balloting. Additionally, the actor or character must have shown exemplary role in depicting the true character trait of the villain of the hero.

Therefore, we need to comprehend Dr. Manhattan deserves the prize of Oscar Awards. For example, in his role in the book, only Dr, Manhattan possesses the super powers that can help the U.S to triumph during the cold war. In addition, the doctor is also talented in crime fighting where he assists in bursting numerous crimes within the neighborhood. Furthermore, Dr. Manhattan deserves the award due to leading role in the progress of technology research, which is beneficial to US government in fighting its enemies. On this note, the award should go to him because he personally designs vehicles that utilize electric power through combining required elements and chemicals. Similarly, others think that Dr. Manhattan does not deserve the award because he receive helps from other characters such as Ozymandias and Rorschach, who help in solving mysterious crimes “ Somebody really had it in for this guy.” (Moore and Gibbon 14).

However, it is not true to give praise to everyone in a project successfully executed by one person. Additionally, the role of individual character is distinct from the rest and hence when Dr. Manhattan takes to conquering his obstacles in helping the U.S, it cannot be counted that either Nite Owl or Silk Spectre the comedian contributed. For instance, due to his exemptions from various restrictions such as the Keene Act, Dr. Manhattan enjoys the autonomy to progress various scientific researches in physics and in technology development (Moore and Gibbon 17). Therefore, this allows him to receive huge praises from a respected character such as Veidt who thanks him for his innovative skills in the arena of technology and sciences. Another reason Dr. Manhattan deserves the leading role award from the Oscars than Ozymandias or Nite Owl is the capability to see the past, the present and the future. On that perspective, the authors Moore and Gibbon have developed a character that is able to control the destiny of humanity through assessment of their hopes, fears and dreams.

However, he has no full control the states of life but maintain that there are other powers that determine his action. On the flipside, critics may argue that possession of such capabilities does not make Dr. Manhattan powerful, as he has no total control over both states of life hence undeserving the Oscar Award for the leading role. In addition, the critics add that it is characters such as Nite Owl and Ozymandias who make the powers of Dr. Manhattan a reality, in their supernatural worlds. However, the truth it is Dr. Manhattan who is in possession of superpowers that can help or not help characters such as Rorschach, Nite Owl or Silk Spectre, the Comedian in execution of plans into action “He would have put some kinda fight I’m certain.” (Moore and Gibbon 14). Additionally, critics observe that Ozymandias has the ability to stop the superpowers of Dr. Manhattan through the use of materials called tachyons. Alternatively, in reality Dr. Manhattan has other powerful forces that are above the ordinary characters in the text such the Rorschach or Nite Owl such as telekinesis, teleportation and superhuman strength.

In addition, the doctor has the influence over matter at a subatomic stages and ability to perform supernatural miracles. Another reason why Dr. Manhattan deserves the Oscar award is his super high intelligence over other characters that makes quick in decisions of crime fighting and performing supernatural deeds. His high intelligence gives him the powers to use his mind in making a rifle powerless through disassembling and dissolving powerful tank armors of the enemies with blasts through his hands “I mean, how did he outta the world.” (Moore and Gibbon 14). Alternatively, his contributions to the conquering U.S enemies such as the surrender of soldiers during the U.S war with Vietnam. On that note, Dr. Manhattan deserves the award because of the terror and religious suspense he has over other living beings. Additionally, the powers to understand the patterns of his life in order to influence others are an asset in controlling all the events the Watchmen.

However, opponents may argue that irrespective of Dr. Manhattan’s powers of controlling the lives of others, he could also not do without them. This is because the impact of his paranormal powers only has effect if he is compelled to interact with another character. Additionally, the Oscar Award for the leading role character should be handed to Dr. Manhattan because of his supernatural abilities to identify time of an upcoming event such as calamities. On that aspect, the ability to exist forever and restructuring himself to some atomic matters is enough proof of ability to control and manipulate time. Additionally, Dr. Manhattan is supposed to deserves the highest award among the characters because his supernatural ability to replicate himself without losing his intelligence “I think you’d have to be thrown.” (Moore and Gibbon 16).

In conclusion, we can observe a few issues. For example, it is crucial to say a majority of characters in book Watchmen by Moore and Gibbon deserve an award for their significant role in expressing the themes of the book. However, no character in the comic strip is able to outdoor the roles of Dr. Manhattan who has both the ability to replicate himself and still predict the time of events. Furthermore, the ability of the doctor to make advancements in the areas of science and technology in the worlds on Ozymandias and Nite owl among others is another proof for his leading role in setting the pace for others (Moore and Gibbon 23). However, even though critics point that Dr. Manhattan cannot be powerful without the presence of characters such Silk Spectre the comedian and a minor character like Dollar Bill among others, it is still the doctor who influences all the events.

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