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Clean Air Act Essay

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Sample Essay on Clean Air Act

One should start by saying that Clean Air Act is one of the few legislative initiatives intended to reduce the presence of smog, carbon dioxide, and any other atmospheric pollution in general.

The US Clear Air Act was passed by the United States Congress in 1963 and then would create various other acts to support the Clear Air act:

  1. Clean Air Act Amendment of 1966
  2. Clean Air Extension of 1970
  3. Clean Air Act amendment of 1977
  4. Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990.

The development of the Clean Air act by the US congress spurred the development of similar acts by the local and state governments of the USA as well as by the governments of other countries. The local and state initiatives were extremely important since they would create something to fill in the gaps and inconsistencies present in the original Clean Air Act (Shaver, 87).

It is of importance to note that the use of various federal and state governments to enforce the new standards that are stipulated by the Clean Air Act contributed to the overall improvement of the health of the American people, let alone the increased life span of American citizen. One should nevertheless, note here that Clean Air Act certainly reduced the corporate profit margins and contributed to the US initiative to outsource abroad most of production and thus pollute other areas of the Earth. At the same time, the proponents of Clean Air Act say that the improved air and environment in the USA had indeed created more jobs and extended the number of days a person spends working rather than sick because of polluted environment (Sittig, 34).

One of the greatest legislative supporters of Clean Air Act, was Pennsylvania representative Mar, Cohen who noted that despite rapid progress the USA makes with air quality improvement, the country needs to make more things to cater the needs of people affected with asthma and other diseases related to respiration.
Another act that needs to be pointed out in this essay is the Water Pollution Control Act., 33 USCA, 1251 that was passed with numerous amendments in 1977.

The current US legislation would establish somewhat vague and symbolic criteria and goals of eliminating water impurities as represented by toxins, micro flora and micro fauna let alone any other chemical impurities. The amendment of 1985 would ensure that surface water of rivers, lakes, and oceans met the proper standards for swimmers and other athletes by 1983 (Weiffenbach, 41).

In order to achieve the standards set by the Water Pollution Control Act, the legislation required all people to receive a special permit prior releasing any pollutant into the US waters or wetlands. Such initiative would allow EPA to create effluent limits for point sources such as factory pipes based on the Best Available Technology notion. Therefore, these standards were be enforceable national minimum for any company to follow. One should also remember that the Water Pollution Control Act created various technology-based standards required the companies to use sophisticated filtering equipment and ultimately assure that the water gets as little pollutants as it can be achieved with the existing technology. Such initiative of Water Pollution Control Act would allow safe fishing and swimming in all US waters.

The USA would assist its municipalities in creating wastewater the CWA would create a special system of federal financial assistance as represented by construction grants, that were subsequently modified into State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund of 1987. CWA would also adhere to citizen suit provision, a special pollutant trading system that together with Supplemental Environmental Programs would allow the federal government to better control the corporate pollutions and establish a fine schedule to enforce the laws (Crook, 192).

Ultimately Water Pollution Control Act succeeded in reducing water pollution in the USA. The USA wanted to possess clean waterfront in XXI century and one can say that at present the USA managed to achieve one of the highest purity levels.

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