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Research Paper on Breastfeeding

Posted by admin as Sample papers

Sample Research Paper on Breastfeeding in Public

Women should have the right to breastfeed in public places without feeling intimidated or embarrassed for doing so.

Breastfeeding in public is one of the most controversial issues in society today. An issue which is completely misunderstood as a disrespectful act of indecent exposure, when infact it is the most natural thing in the world.

Women should have the right to breastfeed in public whenever they feel it is necessary. Breastfeeding is a healthy act for both mother and child for their well being. However the way in which a nursing mother conducts herself in public can alter the act of breastfeeding from a natural necessity to being viewed as a controversial obscenity.

Breastfeeding is a precious bond shared between mother and child. It is appalling that many public places in our modern day Australia still discriminate against women breastfeeding in public. In some cases women are even asked to leave the premises because they are breastfeeding. For example a recent survey showed that the majority of Australian restaurants and shopping centres were found to be unsupportive of nursing mothers, disapproving towards breastfeeding as they thought their customers would be offended and pushed away as they would feel uncomfortable. Which seems ridiculous due to the fact that breastfeeding in public is not in anyway illegal yet is viewed as an obscenity. How can breastfeeding be an obscenity?

Exposed breasts are everywhere, all over the media: in movies, magazines even in television. But put a nursing infant anywhere near those breasts and suddenly people are offended. Do people ask women to cover up during breastfeeding or to move some place more private because the person is perhaps sexualising the act of breastfeeding rather than view it as a natural, nurturing act? For to long now women have been made to feel embarrassed for feeding their child. It is quite disturbing that in this day and age mothers are being prevented from doing what is natural. For those who are that uncomfortable-turn away!

One argument is that some women infact overexpose themselves whilst breastfeeding therefore it is understandable that some people may feel embarrassed or offended by this. Secondly some women choose to feed their child up to an age where the majority feel is unacceptable, for example a toddler who beckons to his mother to be fed on the breast could be seen as offensive. By the use of the modern breastfeeding bras now available and the simple act of draping a baby blanket or shawl over the shoulder all breastfeeding can be done in a discrete manner, whether or not the mother is in public. Respect is a two way process. A bit of discretion on the side of the nursing mother would promote more support from the general public.

It is a known fact that nursing mothers should feed their child in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The introduction of more private rooms for nursing mothers in todays society would surely create a more harmonious relationship between the offended public, on the street and also in the workplace. But at what cost? Why should the mother feel she should be segregated from everyday life? Not only as she had to endure the huge life changing effects of motherhood but now she deemed as an unwelcome presence purely because she wants to the provide her child with the best source of nutrience mother nature has to offer. It has been proven that without doubt breast milk is by far the only best source of food for baby and not only provides every essential nutrient for the infant but will protect both mother and baby against most harmful diseases.

In addition to strengthening the bond between mothers and their babies, breastfeeding offers several significant health benefits. Babies who are breastfed have lower rates of meningitis, childhood leukemia, and other cancers, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, bacterial and viral infections, diarrheal illnesses, allergies and obesity. For these reasons the American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months. This at least 12 months out of a womans life she must be dedicated to provide food whenever and wherever her baby dictates. Breastfeeding offers health benefits to nursing mothers also which include the reduced risks of breast cancer and other types of cancers, as well as osteoporosis.

As a society we must support the mothers of our country who are contributing to the well being of our nation by breastfeeding. By being more accepting of the perfectly natural act of feeding, which is no different from that which we have accepted in the animal kingdom surely tolerance and common sense will prevail and the rights of the breastfeeding mother will be recognised.

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