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Women in Taiwan Essay

Posted by admin as Free papers

Free Essay on Women in Taiwan: Now and Fifty Years Ago

There are 51% of human population is woman in the world, in other words, 2% more than the man. One may think woman can get similar resources and rights as man can. However, the truth is not. Few women in the world can have fair rights and respect as man, and this also can be observed in Taiwan’s society. Nevertheless, the role and the position of women are changing gradually in the past fifty years. This can be seen from two phenomena: the one is that the alternation of woman’s rule, and the other one is the improvement of the woman’s rights and the positions.

The first one thing is the alternation of the woman’s role. Fifty years ago, woman in Taiwan had the same meaning with “house keeper”. The only job they were allowed to do was to finish some unimportant house works that their husbands ordered. It would be impossible to give the woman the decision right because of their low level position in home. But now, the role of woman has been changed and becomes more complicated. At home, they are still responsible for housekeeping in most Taiwan families. But at the working place, they are given the same requirements as the men are. In other words, they undergo the double pressures in their life.

The second one is the woman’s right and positions are both improving nowadays comparing with fifty years ago. This can be observed form the increment of woman’s salary, increment of the education opportunity, and policy for protecting woman. One of the most differences is that women’s payment has been largely increased than tens of years ago. Most enterprises now focus more on one’s ability than one’s gender, and bosses are willing to hire capable woman and give them high payment. The promotion chance of woman in company is increased, and female leader is common for many companies. Another one is that the woman’s education chance is increased. According to the statistics from government, the rate of college female students is higher than the rate of male students, which is largely increased comparing with fifty years ago. The last one is that the policy is changing to protect woman. For example, Accton Inc., one of the leading networking hardware manufacturers in Taiwan, has already prolonged the maternity leave from three months to one year. The Taiwan government is also making the law of sex equality to give the woman more protection on their rights formally.

In conclusion, the role of women is different and is more challenging than before, and their rights and positions are also raised. However, that doesn’t means woman receive the same equal position and protection with man in current society. Some companies are still having severe prejudice on woman leaders. Lots of man put all responsibilities of housekeeping to their wives and regarded it to be reasonable. There are still large things we can improve for women in Taiwan, and I am optimistic in seeing a fully sexual equality society.

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