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The Truman Show Movie Essay

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Relationship between the Truman Show Film and the Theme of Commitment and Passion

There are a number of ways in which the Truman Show exemplifies the theme of commitment and passion. Through mild profanity and minor violent situations, the value of commitment and having passion in whatever one does in life is highly amplified. It emerges that a person needs to remain steadfast and focus on realizing desired goals and objectives in life. It is equally important to ensure that one faces challenges that occur in life in a very mature and responsive manner (Kierkegaard 8-12).

Existing Relationship
In the article, it is evident that “what ordinarily tempts a man” is that specific thing that which may “keep keep him from doing his duty” (Kierkegaard 16). This statement implies that a person must be willing and ready to work hard and be passionate in life so as to overcome life obstacles. Focus, hard work and play a vital role in shaping the manner in which the main characters in the movie react to different situations. The film reveals the extent to which characters go to employ charisma and uniqueness of purpose to achieve their intended goals and objectives in life. The movie is unique; it forces the audience to be very alert in order to conceptualize the message being conveyed. Such an approach augments the ability by the audience to understand the theme of commitment and passion that is dominant in the film.

Life is full of many uncertainties that compel people to act. Being decisive and steadfast in life are crucial attributes of human existence.

Regardless of the prevailing circumstances, people need to ensure that they lead healthy, focused and disciplined lives. The movie reveals that although challenges abound in life, people need to ensure that they focus on weathering the challenges and thus achieving their purpose in life.

Being committed and passionate should emanate from establishing strong operational principles and value systems and appreciating the fact that there are instances in life when truth can be subjective. “Objective and subjective reflection” are important means of inward discovery (Kierkegaard 17).

Based on this phrase, it is evident success is a function of hard work, commitment and always being objective in whatever one does. It is only through commitment and passion of a number of characters in the film that serious unfounded notions and societal practices are addressed.

Living aesthetically or ethically is a decision that one must make and be committed to enforce. Being passionate in whatever one does is a sign of being focused, determined and consistent in achieving the pre-determined goals in life. This aspect is very evident in the movie as actors’ obsession with national interests is revealed in an outstanding manner. In spite of many life challenges and uncertainties, people need to understand that “subjectivity is truth” and that “resilience of inwardness” encourages people to focus on leading a fulfilling life (Kierkegaard & Oden 21). The sentence addresses the value of being passionate in life. The characters in the movie are a proof that ethical living should manifest itself in the decisions that one makes.

In the movie, the need for passionate living and commitment in relationships is encouraged. Despite being a fiction film, the Truman Show reveals outstanding incidences in which commitment and passion in life shapes people’s way of life. It is interesting to note that social challenges and hardships in life often act as measures of people’s level of commitment. To a greater extent, people need to remain steadfast and aim at transforming challenging experiences to lifelong development opportunities. Commitment and passion to do what is right is needed in distinguishing between what is right and what is evil (Kierkegaard 9).

The adopted jigsaw plot helps to articulate the unique way of life and the transformational means of dealing with various issues. By leading a life on live television, the main actor is used to prove that commitment and passion are crucial ingredients for enhancing accountability and responsive living in society. Truman Burbank’s commitment is revealed in the fact that he purposed to go to Fiji where Lauren was living so as to establish his uncertainties and suspicion. As revealed from the article, if “limit yourself”, you become “more fertile” in “invention”. This statement means that one can only be good if a person aims at exploiting such an opportunity to his or her advantage (Kierkegaard 16). It reinforces the significance of commitment.

Life presents many challenges and regardless of the prevailing circumstances, focus needs to be put on ensuring that accountability and steadfastness are encouraged. Success of a person’s effort to be passionate is not in any way dependent on the subjectivity of truth. Instead, passion inspires a person to be consistent, focused and steadfast in all his or her endeavors. In doing so, an individual ends up becoming focused and robust in the way he or she deals with various life issues. Although controlled by a TV producer named Christof, Truman’s world still demands a lot of commitment and focus from people.

Besides finding himself in the seaside of the Gulf Coast that seems to be an interesting place to live, a lot of uncertainties present themselves.

Through commitment and passion, it emerges that it is crucial for one to acknowledge life’s challenges and accept the issues in life. As evident through the major characters, commitment and focus enables one to be famous in an easy way. The most difficult decisions in the movie are made in the most uncertain circumstances (Kierkegaard 8-23). Truman Burbank emerges as an extremely passionate, focused and committed person who is willing to withstand diverse challenges.

Commitment is also revealed in the film through Sylvia. Sylvia was very focused on understanding the challenges and life concerns that Truman was facing. As a result, he committed his time and energy on knowing the existence of Truman and the challenges and concerns that Truman was facing. Having an insatiable desire for success is revealed as a sure means of proving that consistency in what a person does could easily enable one to achieve greatness in life. However, one must always be willing to sacrifice time, energy and other forms of individual desires in order to repeat the true benefits of commitment and passion.

The inimitable role played by the disabled character in the film is proof that disability in life is not an indicator of the lack of the ability to achieve one’s desired goals and objectives. In any case, disability should be used as a means of being steadfast and working hard in life to realize one’s goals, objectives, vision and mission. Even by being caught up in a televised artificial world, Trauman reveals that commitment is a sure means of enhancing connection, persistence, conscious living, effective self-expression and leading a visionary life.

Objectivity and subjectivity of the existence of God and being committed to knowing the truth are issues that cannot be compromised. The statement “a man can become a tragic hero by his own powers” implies that any form of success or failure can be achieved through freewill, commitment, and passion in life (Kierkegaard 17). The film effectively reveals the fact that transfixing sci-fi intensity is not an accident but rather an achievement that must be worked on. In the movie, the Gattaca hero went to the extent of concealing his biological identity. This is an aspect of the use of phenomenally intricate lies to achieve a greater goal in life. Trauman manages to withstand the dreadful fear of water that was keeping him from leaving the Seahaven and even goes a mile further to discover his father even when no form of crisis seemed to exist. The movie reveals that people can have as much control over their lives as they may desire. To a greater extent, virtues such as self-control, discipline, focus and commitment towards realizing life goals and objectives remain to be issues of concern.

Based on the content of the articles and critical analysis of the film, it is evident that there is a clear correlation between the two. The theme of commitment and passion is very evident in the film. Indeed, people’s success in life is not only based on their level of focus and skills but also on their commitment and the desire to succeed. The theme, the article and the film are proof that fundamental choices that people make in life have consequences that can never be wished away. Truth guides the decision making process and should never be equated to modest living and strict objective reflection.

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