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Sample Persuasive Essay on Organ Donation

Posted by admin as Free papers

The current level of medicine and healthcare system is so high that it is possible to save many people with the help of the organs offered by donors. We do not speak about blood whereas this donation is supposed to be a regular thing. We mean such organs as liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and even heart. These organs can be provided by the healthy generate people and the people who are going to pass away soon. They can decide whether they are ready to donate their organs to someone when they die. This issue is very disputable and relevant in our society. There are opponents and supporters of organ donation. Both sides present their persuasive arguments and counterarguments. Thus, it is difficult to say whether organ donation is a completely positive action. As I speak about myself, I support the idea of organ donation. I have spent much time on the research of this problem and I am going to provide you with several arguments that will probably change your mind about this controversial issue.

The first argument is the number of patients who are waiting for a transplant. You can be shocked but there are more than 80000 people in our country who need organ donation annually. The number is really huge. Imagine that your friend or relative needs a transplant waiting for the donor in this long line. He is one of the 80000 patients who need help. We do not think about such problems until it touches us and our close people. We treat organ donation skeptically until one of our friends needs an organ. If no one helps such patients, they will simply die. The annual loss of 80000 people is a shock for every country. We should remember that human life is the most valuable thing on Earth; therefore we should do our best to help everybody who is in need.

Secondly, organ donation is quite an easy action. Many people understand that they can help someone after their death. When a person dies, she does not need her healthy lungs or heart. These valuable organs will simply disappear. I believe that many people do not know about organ donation. They are not informed about the bright opportunity of donating their healthy organs to others. If more people knew about this opportunity, more patients would be saved. Many people think that organ donation is unethical. I guess it is far more ethical to help someone with the organ that will be useless to you when you pass away. I do not understand why people protest against the donation of their organs to others. You will not need your liver or kidneys when you die. It is more reasonable to overcome your selfishness and help someone to survive. Every day thousands of people die because of numerous reasons. More than 50% of these people die because of accidents. Thus, their organs are completely healthy. They can be used to save someone’s life. If people were more generous, 80000 children, parents, friends and colleagues would survive annually.

Although it does not mean that your organ can save someone’s life in 100% of cases, we should provide patients with a chance for survival. About 20% of transplants are not accepted by the patients’ organisms. However, we should at least try to help them.

Now I should write about gratitude. When you donate an organ to someone, this saved person will be grateful to you and your family. Your action will make many people happier.

You will probably save someone’s child, mother or brother. This bright action will make the world better. There is hardly something more pleasant than making the surrounding people happy. There is hardly something more noble and valuable than the gift of life. Such actions as organ donation should be praised and respected. Even the richest people die because they cannot purchase the right organ. It means that money cannot buy health. You can help people obtain something that cannot be bought at any price. It is life.

Organ donation is the noblest thing you can do to others. Bear in mind that more than 20 people die every day because they do not receive the required organ. What is more, about 15% of such patients are under thirteen years old. Thousands of children die every year because they do not receive a chance to survive. Therefore, try to think about the problem of organ donation and change your mind about its relevance and importance.

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