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Out of the Silent Planet Essay

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The Ending of “Out of the Silent Planet” Essay

Ransom, the main character, is now in a foreign planet after being kidnapped by Weston and Devine. They had planned to hand him over to a group of humanoids known as the Seroni for sacrifice. He, however, managed to escape and he met a hross known as Hyoi, who houses him for some months in their village. Ransom learns quickly their skills, culture and the language they use in communicating. He also learns of the plenty gold in the area that the hrossa term it as ‘sun’s blood’. It comes clear in his mind the reason why Devine made such a long voyage to this planet.

Ransom and Hyoi set out for hunting hnakra, a very fierce aquatic creature, feared most among all water animals and resemble a shark and a crocodile. As they hunt, an eldil, a term used to mean a spirit reveals to Ransom that he is being summoned by Oyarsa, the ruler of the whole planet. He ignores and continues hunting until his friend, Hyoi, is killed by Weston and Devine, who are looking for Ransom so as to hand him over to the Seroni. The eldil explains that his friend’s death was a result of Ransom’s deviance from Oyrsa’s summons. This prompted him to look for Oyrsa as he escaped the wrath of Devine and Weston who were still looking for him. Beyond the mountains h e is saved by Augray from snow. Augray turns out to be very kind and hostile, yet he was a Sorn, the beings believed to kill humans for sacrifice. He promises to take him to Oyarsa and asks him a lot of questions about the earth as they go to Oyarsa’s home.

At the home of Oyarsa, Ransom engages in a very long conversation where Oyarsa explains to him about the universe and that there are four planets. The other planets have their leaders who have various duties. Oyarsa has the authority over life. Ransom feels embarrassed that he can hardly explain a lot about the earth and feels how foolish he and other people can be in Oyarsa’s presence.

As they converse, Weston and Devine are brought in with the reason that they killed three beings of that race. The three include Ransom’s friend, Hyoi and other two hrossa. Weston is, therefore, summoned and he tries to justify himself through a long speech where Ransom is the one who translates it into Malacandrian. This gives him a chance to expose the crudity and brutality Weston and Devine have been holding in their ambitions. Oyarsa has to make judgment over the three people and he sends Weston and Devine back to their planet. Ransom is given a chance to stay in this planet, but alienation makes him feel to go back to his human counterparts of the earth.

It is time to leave, and he is guarded by Eldila so that he may not be attacked by Thulcandrians, who may be seeking to save air and food supply since they were limited. The journey is difficult, but Ransom finally makes it back to Earth. The space- ship goes back but it disintegrates just as Oyarsa had said after ninety days. It is not clear to Ransom whether all this has been happening and he is in a dilemma on how he should speak it out so that people would believe him. He, thus, decides to keep it as a secret and devotes himself to stop Weston from any further evil, a mission he had been assigned by Oyarsa before he left Malacandra.

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