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The French Intervention: Warfare and the Making of Mexico Essay

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The book French Intervention: Warfare and the Making of Mexico by Mark Moreno attempts to breakdown the events of the Mexican War of Reform in which French administration played a key role. Mark Moreno highlights the factors that contributed to the war, the major happenings during the war and the consequences.

Apparently, the process of making of Mexico was no easy task as the country together with its people was to face dire challenges. The revolution (1862-1867) influenced the social, economic and political prospects of the current Mexico (p. 16). While Civil War paralyzed the United States, the French government under the leadership of Napoleon III stepped up efforts to create an empire in Mexico. The Maximilian Archduke of Austria was to be the puppet ruler under predetermined terms and conditions the French administration was to decide. The War resulted into dire consequences, which included death of over 300, 000 innocent Mexicans. Interestingly, the ambitions of the French government were dealt a major blow because Napoleon III failed to accomplish the prearranged goals in the quest to create and control an empire in Mexico. The essay attempts to assess and analyze the popular culture, the western liberalism, indigenous people, and Mexican culture in general (p. 18).

Moreno emphasized the role of media for war propaganda and for the purposes of stirring up feelings of national pride. The Mexican writers have particularly attempted to shape such sentiments as regards the media and its roles. In addition, focus shifts to analysis of the effects of global political interests and currents to boosting the feelings of national identity in the Mexican context as well as its future prospects. The feeling of achieving national identity particularly among the local populations in Mexico such as rancheros and indigenous peoples is also a matter of concern. In addition, the paper unravels into details the Indian peoples of Oaxaca in relation to the state and the government of the day. It further looks at the determinants of their roles or actions during the French Intervention. The general notion among the Oaxacan Indians and rural people of Michoacán especially by identifying themselves as citizens of the Mexican Republic envisioned by Benito Juarez is also a matter of great concern. The essay further breaks down into details the zeal and rationale surrounding Oaxacan and rural people of Michoacán’s fight for the Republic of Mexico (p. 22).

The feeling of national identity notwithstanding the brutality as well as harsh consequences of the French Intervention and Civil War inspired the citizens’ quest to gain economic and political sovereignty. It is necessary to reiterate the role of the media in the war propaganda as well as playing significant part in stirring up the feelings of national pride. Furthermore, the local authors also played critical role in shaping the war propaganda in addition to perpetuating the sense of national pride. In the wake of Mexican Revolution, over 300, 000 innocent people lost their lives even as the French administration continued to surge into the country (p. 24). In the end, the strong force that local people had put up against the French Intervention contributed immensely to the realization of the goal of the citizens. Apparently, political self-rule was the minimum achievement citizens expected at the end of the revolution.

The local media was the vanguard in the fight for freedom against oppression and brutality of French Forces. Apparently, the French administration under the leadership of Napoleon III had designed a conspiracy whose main aim was to create an empire in the Republic of Mexico (p. 26). The media had categorically created mechanism through which it influenced the views, opinions and thoughts of the citizens. It further mobilized the local population and making them understand the need to achieve sovereignty as one strong force. The media used music as a propaganda vehicle in circumstances where they felt it easily enlightened the citizens on the need to fight for their country. In the end, the French Intervention emerged as a major flop as Mexico eventually attained self-rule.

Despite the fundamental challenges that overwhelmed media including intimidation and subornment by the French administration, the media together with the Mexicans collectively fought to accomplish the general objective, which is independence. However, over 300, 000 people lost their lives during the rebellion. This was a massive setback and tragedy to Mexico though it finally emerged that French Intervention was unsuccessful. Apparently, the feeling of national identity inspired the media to compose and publish songs. They cooperated and adopted the new musical motifs, which in the end earned them fortunes. The writers categorically instigated pro-war music and personal wartime sentiments enhanced the feeling among citizens of rearing to go to war (p. 28). The wave of liberalism among western countries promoted the feeling of national identity. The worldwide political currents have particularly shaped the economic, social and political prospects of many countries in South America, North America, Europe and the world at large. The feeling of national identity resulting from sovereignty of a people and country mainly motivated the local people especially rancheros and inhabitants to fight and protect their identity as a nation and citizens (p. 28).

The Indian people of Oaxaca related well with both the local government and the state. They shared unique attributes mainly associated with Oaxaca, which included culture and realism of being indigenous people. Thus, they developed a unified force against the intervention by French government. Besides, similarity of culture along with the feeling of sharing national identity with other citizens of Mexico influences their zeal and determination to fight for the Republic. The sense of nationality and national identity inspired the quest among Oaxacan Indians and rural people to protect the sovereignty of their country (Mexico). Since they experienced almost similar challenges during the French Intervention, they saw the need to cooperating by joining forces (p. 30).

The feeling of achieving national identity particularly among the locals in Mexico such as rancheros and indigenous peoples is also a matter of concern. In addition, the paper unravels into details the Indian peoples of Oaxaca in relation to the state and the government of the day. It further looks at the determinants of their roles or actions during the French Intervention. The victory was eventually the people’s as French Intervention was dealt a major blow notwithstanding the realism that French forces used sophisticated weapons and propaganda against the innocent and harmless citizens.

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