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Essay on Teenage Mothers

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Free Essay on Teenage Mothers

Teenage pregnancy has been and is one of the most important teen-related issues in the United States for the last several years. Despite the fact that fourteen-year old girls are too young mentally to become mothers, they continue to “hang out” with guys and conceive babies. Unfortunately, the numbers of pregnant teenagers are huge, and so are the rates of the growth. Office of Natural Statistics reported recently that 0.83 percent of girls under sixteen years of age got pregnant in 2004, as compared to 0.8 percent in 1999. Now there is a reason for these statistics, and it is that most teenagers are having unprotected sex. Most of them do know the facts, but a part of them also thinks that it is not such a big deal to be a teenage mother these days.

Pretending there is not a problem is not going to get us anywhere. Young people are becoming more and more independent, and it seems as though our youngsters are growing up faster. Girls of ten and eleven wear make-up and short skirts. They are aware of the way they look, and obviously they want to appear sexy for the opposite sex. Why are there so many young pregnant teens? I think there are several facts here. One of them is that teenagers do not receive adequate sex education at school as well as at home.

Also, pregnant teens rely on all the available help and do not realize that it is not exactly what it sounds like. And of course peer pressure has always been and still is one of these facts. Another reasons as to why there are so many teenagers having kids is that there are not that many resources available to them. Teenagers usually do not talk to their parents about it either because they feel embarrassed, or scared of what their parents might say. Many teenagers would feel more comfortable talking to someone else about issues like sex, and there really aren’t many places they can go to.

I think a solution to that problem would be to have places available that would have people there to counsel, inform, and educate teenagers on everything that can be done to prevent pregnancy. The Californian School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE), which was activated in 2000, is a wonderful program designed to help and provide support for teenage mothers.

Unlike other preceding programs aimed at helping teenage mothers like PALS (Pregnant and Lactating Students) or SAPID (School Age Parenting and Infant Development), Cal-SAFE is a “comprehensive, continuous, and community-linked school-based program.” Therefore, not only the results have proved to be better than of the preceding programs, but also the overall process was much more interesting for the girls as well as for me, instructor. From the beginning, it was somewhat hard to manage the group of teenage mothers, but as time went by, everything went smoother and smoother. The six Hispanic girls, who participated in the program to be discussed, differed immensely from white teenage mothers. The girls were all young, and so on one hand it was easy to deal with them and guide them, however on the other hand, their young spirit of independence and conceit sometimes made it extremely difficult to cope with.

But despite the young storming spirits, it was a pleasant experience to teach young mothers how to do relevant things correctly, and what is even more important, which things should be done and which things should not be done. On the whole, realizing the fact that lives of six babies would improve with the help of the Cal-SAFE program gave a lot of strength and motivation. The overall experience was exciting and fascinating. It is truly essential to note that Hispanic school age mothers differ immensely from white teenage mothers.

Most probably, a white teenage pregnant girl would have an abortion, rather than keeping the baby. There are of course many different reasons for such assumptions, and also there are many reasons that explain the difference in the attitude towards pregnancy and towards everything around between Hispanic girls and whites. This way, it was somewhat difficult to manage the girls during the first several sessions. The main difficulties consisted in simple misunderstanding that lack of trust and motivations; the girls did not understand the seriousness of the situation.

Nonetheless, when we met closer and the girls began to master classic parenting skills, the entire process expedited apparently. By the last session, girls and I became very close and it was even somewhat hard to say good bye. The communication inside the group was defiled by the girls’ lack of knowledge and jargon. Even for me it was sometimes very difficult to understand what either of them tried to tell one another or me, however they understood each other perfectly. On the lime line, their language purified gradually, and the entire communication within the group was becoming clearer each day.

The girls exhibited great interest in improving their own communication skills, as well as many other skills that needed work. The changes in the girls’ behaviors, language, and overall attitudes towards peers changed vividly; they have become more feminine and mother-like. In addition, their study skills also improved. Furthermore, the girls exhibited interest in various disciplines that were uninteresting to them before. On the whole, the girls enjoyed the program, and I believe the knowledge they gained from the program will tremendously help them in future. The Cal-SAFE program proved to be a worthy substitute to all the preceding programs like PALS or SAPID or even PMP (Pregnant Minors Program).

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