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Dentistry Essay

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Free Essay on Dentistry

1. Pros and cons of using live and non-live(manikins) patients for dental licensure exam.
Dental licensure exam usually is taken to assess one’s ability to work as a dentist. Throughout studies, one learns dentistry using manikins, fake teeth as well as live patients. Both provide a good practice for a future dentist and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

During the exam manikins and live patients can be used also possessing its pros and cons as listed below:

Pros of using live patients for dental licensure exam are the following. Dentist works with people, live patients used for dental licensure exam allow an examinee feel like a real dentist. Dentist gets a true experience with people. She/he learns how they behave, scream, and act. Live patients can become future clients after the exam is passed satisfactorily. One can get a feedback from the live patients on the work of an examinee.

As for the Cons of using live patients for dental licensure exam, they are the following. An examinee is nervous more working with people than working with manikins. An examinee bears legal responsibility for his actions with live patients. An examinee might fail to do the right job by scaring the patients, or improperly treating them. Live patients might not get the best service from a dentist examinee. Pros of using manikins for dental licensure exam. Whatever the examinee does not harm a patient. Minikin is silent and obedient. One can do whatever she/he likes. Finally, one is not nervous working with non-live patients.

Speaking about the Cons of using manikins for dental licensure exam, I would like to note this one. Minikins are not real people. The person who learns dentistry on manikins only might not be a good dentist when working with live people. Minikins do not provide a feedback. Thus a tooth filling done on a manikin will stay there forever even if it was not properly done. Live patients might lose the filling the next day (if it was done the wrong way) and return to the dentist with feedback and complaint.

2. Discuss the pros and cons of using amalgam and composite in dentistry.
Currently one uses amalgam and composite in dentistry, with each of them having its advantages and disadvantages that would be presented below.

Amalgam is made of equal measures of mercury and an alloy of silver, copper, tin and other materials.
Pros of using amalgam in dentistry are the following. Amalgam is very cheap. It is easy to use and it durable (Wynbrandt, 133). Ultimately, Amalgam is believed to be very safe.

Speaking about the Cons of using amalgam in dentistry, I will note the following. Aesthetically, amalgam is ugly (black color or silver if one uses abrasive toothpaste). The person who uses amalgam on the front teeth would be regarded as a weirdo at best. Amalgam is seen oftentimes behind the tooth. Amalgam is believed to be outdated.

Composite, on the other hand, is a sort of plastic and resins which are hardened either with some chemical catalyst (self-cure) or light (light cure).

The Pros of using composite in dentistry are the following. Composite materials are aesthetically pleasing and can be used on front teeth.

The composite materials also possess one disadvantage. Composite materials are still considered to have durability inferior to amalgams although, as new advances in polymer materials show it, some composites can be as hard as amalgams (Jordan, 90).

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