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Windows Operating System Research Paper

Posted by admin as Example papers

Windows Operating System Security Research Paper

1. Introduction
This paper is dedicated to Windows Operating System Security, and herein I would like to discuss in details security market trends and what businesses are looking for in attempt to provide security to operating systems, including physical security items, pre-boot authentication, encryption, end point security, VOIP security, privacy issues, replication and application control and some others.

2. Physical security
Physical computer environment protection is a very important issue, as actually from this starts investigating and providing security for operating system. It was found out, after a series of researches, which were held in one of the largest software companies of the world and for which purposes a special test laboratory was constructed, that people who usually work with computers, put them under their tables. It is impossible to protect physical computer environment in such a way, as CD ROMs and USB ports are used frequently as well. So, consultancy firm, after thorough examination of the matter, proposed the following security measure- server computers should be locked away, and computers in the remote places should be encrypted and pre-boot authentication should be requested. Major computer producers, such as DELL, IBM and HP, propose remote management solutions, which in general allow controlling machines remotely and even controlling them when they are turned off. This option is appears to be very helpful and useful, especially with an option of remote lockdown.

3. Pre-Boot Authentication and Encryption
Pre-boot authentication appeared to be very much important for the organization and it is what businesses are willing to implement for the year period to protect environment from physical attacks. Usually, a pre-boot authentication screen is downloaded that will ask for a password from the user before booting the operational system. The boot process can also allow the user to boot the encrypted hard disc after the presentation of valid password that would allow making data, which is stored on the hard disc, to be more secure in the physical sense then it was before.

Today more and more documents and data repositories are being digitalized and we can get more information online. Systems of document management convert paper documents to being digital ones by the scanner use. So far, a lot of information, regarding consumers, for example, is turned to digital data and stores in many locations, which is not always secure. It is the matter of confidentiality that should be treated very seriously in order to omit financial losses. It might seem that only portable devices, which store important data, appear to be under threat, but in reality ALL devices should be equally protected. If machines are stolen or lost then company’s reputation and privacy policies are under threat. For such purposes, encryption is necessary, as device encryption is the main element as well as content encryption when working in network and defining what data can be assesses by other users and what cannot.

Security systems against data stealing should be implemented as well. When the business under-evaluates importance of technical control use, data can be easily stolen by such theft technique as Pod slurping. So, today businesses are starting to implement advanced and strong technical controls that would not allow users to steal data. Such technical controls are generally in the form of security software that confines user from copying particular data from and to devices of an organization. Such software can contain additional features, such as file shadowing and logging that would prove for sure what kind of files were copied or attempted to be reached. An option can also secure the copied information, as copied data would be shadowed into the network every time the use is synchronized. Such systems can also include such features as control of what can be installed to the machines, restricting administrator’s rights, control of what can be plugged into the computer and also the involvements of policies of what devices can and what cannot be used during work process.

4. VOIP security and Strong authentication
As gaining more and more popularity and being frequently used, VOIP security question remains open for businesses and organizations. Here again rise items regarding companies’ privacy and confidentiality issues. VOIP security devices are very slowly adopted by organizations.

Strong authentication is becoming the key issue of IT security establishment. Businesses are no more satisfied with typical set of security measure, including username and password. Businesses are looking for stronger and more structured and multi-level authentication, which on practice consists of two or even more forms of authentication. It means accordingly that something you have, something you are and something you know. Those three elements can be successfully mixed for getting of a strong authentication module.

5. Privacy, replication and deepscan application control

Privacy issues are now not at the acceptable level and many things should be done for its development. New technologies usually presume arousal of new threats to IT security.

Replication- is the stable area in security of OS. The trend in this type of issue is that businesses have started to replicate more and to build on BCP (bulk copy program) and DR more anchored and determinately. This area of security is one of the most stable and developed. Virtual machines are being developed nowadays, as well as machines snapshot capabilities have being added and updated.

Threat of desktop mitigation had been driven to one product by antivirus programs producers. Such items include- Browser hijackers, malware, Antivirus, Spyware, Rootkit, application control, personal firewalls, encryption and many others. The only disadvantage of those program and measures is that they substantially slow down the working process of machines they are installed on. There is no universal tool for all threats and security professionals agree on the fact that there should be used the mix of programs and measure to achieve the most expected result.

6. Application control
Control of application is the new level that gets quickly popularity among businesses all over the world. Usually kernel layer scanning of application in being added to the operating system and this is how it controls what application can be run by users on their machines and also can define what application scan be in general run and by whom. Producers claim that in this case no antivirus systems are necessary to be installed.

7. Conclusion
In the conclusion I would like to summarize all key points of the paper regarding Windows Operating System Security items. I must say that security is such a thing that cannot be guaranteed by installation of any one particular program. There is no universal security solution for all cases, all businesses and all computers. So, on practice it appears to be a difficult task to protect your business unit and data. Such situation with security is very favorable for vendors, which try to propose the fullest and the most secure business solution for organizations. But the approach to the security matter should be integrated, deep and analytical. Primarily, all requirement of the particular business should be analyzed and structures, and only then it would be possible to choose and implement corrects tools for assuring the best fit for business. The security question cannot be answered in the full extent, as well as the problem with security cannot be resolved once and forever. Equally to the development and innovations of software that assists businesses in their performance, threats and viruses are also developing by learning how to overcome different “obstacles”. So, the security of operating system remains open and the struggle for security continues.

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