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Research Paper on Condoms

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Research paper on Use of Condoms for Protection against STD’s

Introduction: Statement of Purpose
At the time when sexually transmitted diseases are spreading at a threatening speed, the deadly AIDs among them, everybody, in particular, young people in particular are looking for ways to save themselves from this misfortune. With sexual activity rate among adolescents remaining at high levels, it is essential young people have access to an affordable means that offers them protection against STDs. In this speech we will try to persuade young adults that condoms provide this way that will help them enjoy sexual intercourse without extra fears.

Central Idea
Thus, we claim that condoms are the best option for young adults who want to shield their health against STDs.

Arguments supporting the use of condoms
The reasons that justify the application of condoms are many. First, condoms are inexpensive and thus available to most young people, including those with strained budgets. Second, condoms are easy in use and their application does not require medical interference. As a result, condoms can be used practically anywhere and in any situation. As they are lightweight, any person with an active sexual life can simply carry a pack of condoms around and use them when there is an opportunity of sexual intercourse, without interrupting severely the romantic moment. Third, condoms, besides protecting against STDs, have another very important effect that is more often than not desired by young adults: they prevent pregnancy. If used correctly, a condom prevents pregnancy in 86% to 97% of cases (Levy). Dependence of efficiency on correctness of use means that reliability of protection relies on factors that can be controlled by the user.

But the most important reason for the use of condoms is that they present “an effective barrier to the spread of diseases transmitted by oral, anal and/or vaginal sexual contact” (University Health Services). The diseases that can be avoided due to the use of condoms include “gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, genital warts and HIV. The only viable alternative available currently is the use of spermicides, but they offer much less protection. Besides, condoms at the moment are the “only form of birth control other than abstinence that offers protection against some STD’s and HIV” (Levy). Other contraceptive means such as depo-provera, birth pill, or Norplant are only working to prevent pregnancy and are not effective against STDs.

Discussion of arguments usually used to dispute the use of condoms
Now let us turn to the arguments against condoms. The most widespread claim that men usually use to excuse themselves from the application of this life-saving invention is that the sexual intercourse leaves the man deeply unsatisfied. Although this is true to some extent, there is always the danger of catching a sexually transmitted disease that jeopardizes man’s sexual abilities, general health and in some cases life if man is infected with AIDS. Another argument that was used against condoms is their “high failure rate”, although even opponents of condoms admit that “efficacy is affected by the motivation and characteristic of the user” (Mundigo 1989). Thus, we can draw the conclusion that the user can control the efficiency if he has proper motivation and exercises care in the choice and use of condoms. There is also a cultural argument against condoms, stating that in some cultures they are regarded as an attribute of illicit sex, thus making them unacceptable on a respectable man. While it is difficult to dispute the values of a different culture, we can and should try to influence people trying to popularize the reliability of condom use, their importance for family planning, and their role in health protection.

Condoms are an easy, affordable and effective way to guard oneself and one’s partner against STDs that have become the plague of our time. The actual infection or the looming danger of being infected with an STD has poisoned many sexual interactions, and at the moment the only realistic means to make sexual intercourse enjoyable and to remove possible regrets is to use this simple contraption that puts up a barrier between disease and yourself, simultaneously relieving you from the worry about possible pregnancy. While condoms do not offer 100% protection, your chances of catching a dangerous infection are significantly lower if you use them, the advantage that is sufficient to offset the unpleasant effect.

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