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Project Proposal Research Paper

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Project Planning and Control Research Paper

Executive Summary/Introduction
New Zealand Australia Shipping Line (NZASL) that is positioned in Auckland is the New Zealand shipping Company that happens to operate between the New Zealand (NZ) and Australia (AU) with branches in the two principle ports that is the NZ and the AU (New Zealand, 1979). Presently, Electronic-Business has become extremely significant to companies that are willing to achieve their goals given that there is an increase in technological advancement. This project is tailored to bring efficiency and facilitate quick service delivery through simplified operations (Qatar Financial Centre, 2009). The main goal is therefore to implement an E-business system to ensure cost effectiveness in the running of various programs and operatives. It is also meant to provide quick solutions for maintaining the current system and facilitating the expansion of the current location restrictions.

The goal for the project is to implement an E-Business that in return will opt to make costs as effective as possible to help in maintaining the current organization and expanding the restrictions in various locations (Anderson & Co., & Green & Co. Et al., 1883). The Company will be liable in achieving this if only there will be the scope, schedule, and a well-kept budget. The return on investment is approximated to 183% within the first 5 years while 2 years will be the projects’ payback period. There are some risks which may come upon when documenting and implementing the project, but the risks have been analyzed at stake, as well as the required resources have been assembled too. The plan is programmed to begin on February 1, 2012 taking a period of about 6 months ensuring the quality, budget as well as the scope.

Project Proposal
The main intention of putting this project into practice is to take on the advantages regarding the significance that the E-Business has in the Location that involves doing away with the restrictions availability in locations; the project will also check on time, as well as money by reducing on how they are spent. E-business has privileges that a company can capitalize to ensure maximum returns on investment (Benefits of E-Business, 2012). It also facilitates efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. Therefore, this project is meant to take advantage of these privileges and spearhead performance to greater heights.

Competitive advantage, on the other hand, is what most companies have tried in vain to achieve. The project to be implemented will therefore make sure that it is in apposition of giving out competitive advantage especially in the rough terrain with the competing industries across the world. Competitive advantage will allow the company in reaching the new Markets while giving its customers the ability of purchasing online 24/7. The E-business system will enable the company reach new markets globally, hence increasing the turnover of the company (Nightingale, 1998). It also gives customers in all parts of the world an opportunity to enjoy the services of the company on a 24/7 scale without having to travel physically to the company premises. A project which is well planned should be divided into different parts.

E-Business improves the efficiency of most business across the world, however; there are some risks that are sometimes associated with this kind of marketing, as well as lack of ability of adapting to changes. Change is significant, and organizations need change to prosper in every activity they are carrying out (E-Business and, 2006). The only way of pursuing the outlined advantages is by offering enough support to the clients by use of the internet. The actual cost that the current system is using for both maintenance and operation is totalling to about $ 195k.It is necessary to implement a new system integrated together with an E-business shipping systems that can save at least $ 75k within the first year and $ 115k annually (New Zealand, 1979). The project is budgeted to cost at most $ 180k while the actual cost is about $ 163k, given that its return after a period of 5 years is 183%, and the payback return is within 2 years.

Project Goals, Objectives, and Measurable Organisational Values (MOV)
According to Marchewka (2009), Measurable organizational values (MOV) should be the first step to be considered when planning a project proposal. This is because MOV provides the company with the lists on which both the goals and objectives are defined from (Qatar Financial Centre, 2009). The successful of the project will be based on its budget, scope, and if only there will be no decrease in its quality given that the current system that the company works on had costed $ 195k per year to run as well as maintaining it. As stated earlier in the executive summary, the project return on investment is approximated to 183% within the first 5 years when it starts working (Anderson & Co., & Green & Co. Et al., 1883).

Implementing an E-Business in the Company for customers systems, as well as programs
Introducing the products to the new markets by breaking the limitability barrier within the locations
Reducing the amount of money and time spent within the central processing unit and storage facilities.
Expanding the company services to their customers while heightening the customers support.
Acquiring a competitive advantage by taking advantage of the project to be implemented.

The project will ensure that the end users enters information or data to the designed process
Training users on how they can use the new system implemented (Nightingale, 1998)
The deadline to the project should be finished within the guidelines along with the project
The project to have a high quality that has all the features required
Minimizing the impacts to the operation of the business standards in regards to the units affected.
Making sure the goals and the objectives of the Project within the company is accomplished within the defined budget as well as the time schedule.

The project will have the following scopes;
Procuring the hardware and software
Introducing a new web-based interface to the clients.
locating up the Sub-System
Setting the UNIX operational environment
Risk Analysis

Presently, the company is not experiencing significant risks because the system being used is painless and easily comprehended. Nevertheless, the fact that the company plans to incorporate the E-business, shows that there must be some risks involved during and after the implementation of this project. It should be clear that most of the risks can be easily controlled through proper measures as implementation proceeds. Some of the minor risks that may come up during and after implementation are as mentioned (Benefits of E-Business, 2012). First, concentration on efficiency of energy and resources on operation may shift from the current system to the new system which may consume almost all the income generated. Integration of an E-business is not easy because it involves the creation of a web page and development of a web server which is expensive and can consume a lot of money. This risk is unpreventable because the new system must be incorporated and has to consume money in order to come out effective. This is observed as a minor risk for the reason that it is difficult for the scheme to fall short since before starting it, there has to be a proper plan to be followed which will generate the approximate sum of money to be employed. Once an approximation of the funds to be used is released, then it becomes easy for New Zealand Australia Shipping Line (NZASL) company management to fail in its plans. This risk is manageable because the budget can be easily met by the company and the new project completed. Other minor risks that might be involved include slow adaptation of the new system. This is because most of the initial company employees are used to the old manual system and may require some training to adjust effectively to the new system.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
A work breakdown structure is a primary system deliverable that controls the work of the team into manageable sectors. The project management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) describes the WBS as a deliverable centred hierarchical decomposition of the work to be implemented by the project management.

The schedule is as follows: The entire process can take a minimum of 1 year. Planning can take approximately one week if the meeting is held on a daily basis with a minimum of 3 hours per meeting. The implementation of the plan can take approximately 5 months and will be followed by the control measures for the new system. The project will then be closed when the final touches will be put in progress. This might take approximately 2 weeks. The final activity is going through the entire process, calculating the expenses, formulating strategies on how to generate the money spend back, come up with fresh policies to govern the operation of the new system and establish best practices that are satisfactory to the customers. This process is extremely crucial and might take a period of one and half weeks. The following is the diagram showing the exact dates and periods through which the project is to be implemented.

Resources Required (HW, SW, and HR)
In order to develop an E business, there must be a number of available resources, which help complete, the project. First, there must be the hardware devices like computers, connection cables, printers, speakers-if possible, switches, routers, servers and sockets. These are extremely significant components, which permit transmission, and communication through, website, emails and Social Medias (Marchewka, 2006). The software equipment required include the website server, internet accessibility program like Mozilla, Google chrome, or internet explorer. Other software includes the accounting software like Peachtree software, which can be, used to monitor the entire financial process and prevent any form of theft of money (Berkun, 2010).

All these processes must be undertaken by an IT professional who can structure the program and ensure that everything is running effectively (Department of Computing, 2012). As the IT personnel undertake their work, the Human Resource manager must be available to monitor and supervise the whole process and ensure that all that was on the plan is implemented. He also ensures that the resources are used properly, and everything is completed in time.

Budget and Cost Analysis
It should be recorded that completion of an E-business is costly because the resources required and many and most of them are extremely expensive since they employ contemporary technology. This clearly shows that the budget for the project must be estimated slightly higher depending with the cost of all required resources including the wages of IT professionals and other supportive personnel. This can take a budget of approximately $185k since the overall cost of the project should be about $173k. This amount has to be raised by the New Zealand Australia Shipping Line (NZASL) management team before the project is initiated since once the implementation begins, it should not stop until it ends. If the project stops unexpectedly, then it will interfere with the schedule provided by the committee.

Reimburse Time and Return on Investment (ROI) Examination
It does not matter whether the money used for the project belongs to New Zealand Australia Shipping Line (NZASL) or not. What matters most is that the money spent on the project must be generated back to prove that the project is indeed effective. The project has to be given a certain limited time to pay the money spent on it. Since most of the money that will be generated from the project will still be in use, the payment period must be somehow long in order for the project to repay the cash slowly. It is likely that the IT system can generate the amount spent on its completion in a span of one year but the period is extended to five years so that all the other activities can run at the same time. The following is a table indicating the payback period and the expected return on investment which is issued in percentage.

Project schedule
The project team in most cases requires project schedules; one important reason for project schedule within the projected being implemented is that the project schedule helps in organizing the project tasks in a hierarchy manner (Berkun, 2010). Project schedules help organizations in carrying out the tasks and adding more valuable information in it. Other importance includes ease communication by knowing the project timeliness and tracking the progress against the plan.

The project schedule has been mentioned under the deliverables above, and it is still the same since the project is one (Marchewka, 2006). The Zealand Australia Shipping Line (NZASL) is a company with ambitions and plans to accomplish the project so that it can be competent enough in the shipping field. The new IT project can clearly see the company through all the obstacles that have been hindering its performance, thereby proving that it can perform better than what the competitors think (Department of Computing, 2012). The following is an eight month schedule which is the speculated period for completion of the project.

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