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Passions and My Personal Growth Essay

Posted by admin as Example papers

Example Essay on Passions and My Personal Growth

When I think about my childhood, the notion of baseball comes to mind, and a feeling of nostalgia and tradition goes through my head. Many of my feelings passions from my childhood, I remember the days, which usually took place on a Sunday afternoon, when my family and I arrived at the baseball stadium to watch the game. Baseball was my passion that really helped my personal growth, not only I liked playing it, but also treasured the moments when we were going to see the actual professional game.

Once we arrived and were out of the car, we walked and ran up the concrete hills all the way to the stadium entrance. Everyone shouted as we neared the entrance door, “Who has the tickets”? It was kind of tradition, a joke that we all said it at once. We entered through a dark tunnel to the stadium floor and the smell of popcorn and hotdogs filled the air. The first thing that would catch our eyes on the way to our seats was the greenest grass you have ever seen. I would usually comment about how the green grass looked unreal.

I asked Dad how they get the grass so green and wondered why our lawn was never so green. Dad would look at my Mom with his comical smile and she would smile back at him as he told us they used special chemicals, which we couldn’t afford. My father hated yard work. He would do anything to get out of it. It took him many years before he finally hired a gardener. Of course, we then had green grass just like the ball field.

After taking our seats there would be men walking up and down selling various treats. They had popcorn, soda, beer, ice cream, candy and many other tempting items to make you hungry. As the game was about to start, the fans would go crazy with excitement. Then the traditional song of the ballpark would play and during the National Anthem, players and fans always stood.

Baseball is an activity for not only skilled professions but also regular people who just play for fun. I can remember the many weekends my family, aunts, uncles and cousins would go to the park for a picnic, and we always enjoyed a good game of baseball. Age, gender and skill never mattered. We were all out there to have fun and a good time. Baseball has the ability to bring family and friends together. I still have my old baseball glove from school sports.

There is nothing like a well-seasoned glove; not only does it bring memories of the past but also the camaraderie between family and friends. Rooted in the custom are our culture’s values of family and passing the experiences from parent to child. Baseball has been around since most of our grandparents who hand down the tradition to their children.

My passion for baseball really helped my personal growth. I looked at those professional players, saw all the determination to win they had in their eyes, and that made me feel like I was one of them, like there was nothing that could stop me from doing anything I wanted. From those players, I learned how to be goal – oriented and strive to achieve this goal by all the means possible.

Moreover, I learned the importance of the team play. As baseball was so much of my passion, I always initiated spontaneous games with my peers; it is during those game that I found out that even the best player ever cannot do anything all by his/her own. I learned that team work was the key to success; it contributed a lot to my personal growth, as team work is a thing needed everywhere, from school presentations to the real life job experiences.

Another important way in which baseball contributed to my personal growth was learning how devotion and desire to succeed could change everything in my life. I spent a lot of time practicing my baseball skills, and I saw the results; not immediately, but after hard workouts and spending a lot of my free time training. This taught me that I could do pretty much anything in my life, nothing was impossible, I just needed to put forth my best efforts in order to overcome any imaginable obstacles.

Baseball is definitely one of my greatest passions, I really love playing it and watching professionals play. Baseball contributed numerous things to my personal growth: I learned how to be goal – oriented; learned the importance of a team and team work in any situation; became more confident in my strengths and abilities.

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