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Legalizing of Marijuana Research Paper

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Legalizing of Marijuana Research Paper Example

The history of Marijuana dates back to many, many years, and has served different cultures in various ways. Over the last few years however Marijuana has been adapted to fit our lifestyles, and social environment. Today many people around the world smoke Marijuana, for medicinal purposes, and the drug should be legalized permanently as ‘pot’ has many beneficial uses, including easing pain, helping Canada to stay away from debt, saving millions of acres in forestry and creating jobs for many people; raising Canada’s economic status.

Marijuana whose scientific name is Cannabis Sativa has been mentioned in manuscripts dating back to 2700 B.C. in China. The Jamestown settlers recorded the first nurturing of the plant in 1611, as they used the hemp from the plant’s fibers to make rope and canvas. Marijuana also known as ‘weed’ was used to make clothing, as the plant was very durable. In that time, ‘pot’ was used more for survival than for any other purposes.

Marijuana came into play with the scarcity of alcohol in the ‘olden’ days. The use of the drug rose from there, and became a large problem in the Unites States. The United States is one of those countries that can immensely benefit from the legalization of Marijuana use. In the States, Marijuana is the most widely used controlled substance, and since the drug is used so often, why not brew large amounts of money. Selling the drug and at the same time raising the economy of the country would be the perfect plan for the States to get out of the debt that surrounds them. The dealer of the drug would be closely monitored and would have a mandatory license; the government checking the crops for harmful fertilizers, that could make the customer seriously ill.

Legalization of the drug would allow crime to be affected in a positive way. Illegal drug crimes consume police officers time, instead of dealing with larger, more serious problems that affect the country. A marijuana smoker is arrested every 45 seconds in Canada and the United States combined. Many of these offenders receive small fines, and rarely get time in jail, due to the depleted amount of jail cells throughout the country. Legalizing marijuana would allow jail cells for criminals who have created actual crimes, and save money that is spent in prosecuting to inform the drug users about how to smoke responsibly. Illegal drug dealers would be out of business and drug smuggling would be reduced to an all time low.

Jail cells are only referring to a small advantage legalizing marijuana has to offer. The legalizing of the drug would be an interest to the world, as thousands of acres of forest that are destroyed daily would be saved. Hemp from marijuana can make 4 times more paper than a regular tree, and as trees take 40-50 years to grow before they can be cut, marijuana can be harvested 4 months. Letting the forest grow, would allow endangered animals to regain footing on our planet, instead of going extinct. Hemp can also be used to make oil, clothing, soaps, butter, and rope. Using hemp, we would be saving the environment, and enjoy living at the same time!

Many people think only crazy potheads smoke marijuana, but they are wrong. Last year, about 10 million people smoked marijuana on a regular basis, even though many were true citizens who followed the laws. If the government were to regulate marijuana, they would easily be able to monitor the purchase and sale of the product; reducing drug abuse in the country and making smokers feel safe to smoke.

One of the largest factors in legalizing the drug is that marijuana eases pain caused by AIDS, cancer and helps to cure glaucoma’s. Information from the National Cancer Institute, says that marijuana is good in blocking against nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite with chemotherapy patients. Marijuana can also ease muscle strain associated with multiple sclerosis. If marijuana is the only drug that effectively camouflages pain, there is no other choice but to legalize and use the drug. No person should have a say in this matter unless they have experienced the pain and suffering that the patients with cancer and AIDS have encountered due to their illness.

Many people have a stereotypical image of marijuana being a bad, dirty drug, that will make you see delusional, but that is merely what children are told in health class to stay away from drugs, and that is what revolves around adults as well. Over 2000 people die yearly from the toxic effects of Aspirin, which is quite legal, and yet not a single being has died from the effects of marijuana and the substance has been banned. Legalizing marijuana would make a country cleaner, control pain, and smoking would be safer and in government restriction. Legalizing marijuana, is taking one step into making this world a better place to live, in the twentieth century.

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