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Free Persuasive Speech Example

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Free Persuasive Speech Example

Everyday a person is rushed to get things done, make money, meet a deadline, or just get some rest. Like the life of most students, their day consists of being at school all day and work most of the evening. When a student gets home everybody is usually asleep, or depending on the household people are still at work. This probably wouldn’t have happened 30 years ago when most women stayed home and didn’t have to work. But this is what happens to a good amount of families today.

Society today has a more expensive cost of living which may require two sources of income or even more. So now we have almost all women active in the work force and people are rushed which leaves little room for those key moments in family life. But its the cycle of work all the time and rest with what little time is left that makes it hard to live any other way. It has also made it easier for families to fall apart under the pressure that is made from this life style. Its this environment that people live in that makes it so difficult to have a good family. It takes away three main factors that are needed to have a good family. Time for communication, the urge to have a close organized family, and the inability to get a divorce.

One of the things that has been pushed out are, the key moments that help families communicate and bond. An example being when people are hurried and are at work or school all day they usually don’t have time to to sit and eat together or sometimes even see each other at all. This can create a lack of communication, and over time cause problems. Some families find ways to cope with it, others may just fall apart. The ones that learn to cope with it use what little time in between to see each other and spend time communicating. On the other hand families can be so hurried and busy that they can’t find any time for those moments in family life that mean so much to the survival of a good family.

Another factor that has been knocked out of the way is the urge for people to have a close and organized family life. What I mean is people today do not think its necessary to have a family like it was 30 years ago. The world has made it easier to live a life on the go with things like fast food, cellphones, and the internet. Things like this have made it easier for families to grow apart and sometimes fall apart. Think about it, a person that’s in a hurry to get to work or school can stop and eat at one of the many fast food places, call their family on the way there, and e-mail them when they get there. Rather than be late because they didn’t make time enough to stop and eat with the family. These options that are given to us can really hurt the family by making it easier to separate the family, but they can also keep the family closer when there is no time to communicate.

Something else that can be disturbing about families today is the rate of divorce. The amount of broken families has risen to very high levels in recent years. One of the main factors in this is it has become easier and more common for people to have a divorce, when it used to be unlawful and the “till death do you part” section of a persons wedding vows were taken very seriously. People did not even think of separating not even kings were aloud to get a divorce most of the time they would have there spouse killed if they were not happy. Now divorce has become so common that the media reports that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. This is startling but true and can make for a very rough family life.

I believe that these things that have been negatively influenced by society and the life we live which cause for bad family life. They are not chosen to be mistreated by just one single person, these things are encouraged by the society we live in today and can be helped if we stop and think of what its doing to our families and how well they communicate and get along. It may not effect everybody but it could hopefully influence some to work things out and help reduce the amount of broken families.

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