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Forms of Thinking Essay

Posted by admin as Example papers

Example Essay on Forms of Thinking

In a world without communication or a way to interact with the world, there are many down falls, including lost emotions, exclusion, and a sense of separation from society. We use language as a way of communication, and using language well demands a deeper understanding of how we read and write. This demand for a deeper understanding can help us gain specific ideas and concepts of how we should use correct reading and writing in our everyday lives. The contemplation of language use raises issues of identity, perception, power, and authority. In other words the many ways we read and write affect the ways that we perceive and interact with the world. This deeper understanding can help us to interpret the things that we read and write, thus giving us a sense of control of what we are reading and writing and what we are actually understanding. One could consider critical reading and writing to be forms of thinking. From many different perspectives, critical reading and writing can both be forms of thinking. Both allow a person to explore their emotions and ability to respond to an outside stimulus.

Helen Keller would be the perfect example of how a person would use ways of thinking to show their emotions. She was unable to communicate through language so she had to use an alternate means in order to demonstrate how she felt. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, isolated from the world and separated from all ways of living a reasonable life. Even though she wasn’t able to read and write at a young age, she soon found out ways of communication. She was introduced to a new form of communication called “Braille”. One question that you could ask yourself is if communication exists without language. Imagine being trapped in a world filled with nothing but empty space. Not having anyone there to interact with, no real way of making decisions for yourself, and not knowing about your own self image this could be very difficult, and it was very hard for Helen Keller. Without understanding how to interact and communicate she really had no acceptable way of thinking. It wasn’t until one day when she and her teacher took a trip to the water hole and it was then that Helen realized that there was hope and a sense of completion. Helen Keller’s operation of language began on a very low level, but she soon became one well-known writer and survivor in the world of language, and her disability was removed by gaining the ability to communicate and use interaction in her everyday life. She wrote a story of her life and we use this as an example to demonstrate how communication and language are both forms of thinking.

Another example of how critical reading and writing are both forms of thinking would be the life of Frederick Douglas. Much like Helen Keller, Frederick Douglas experienced miscommunication but in a different way. Frederick Douglas was able to see, hear, read, and write, but he wasn’t permitted to use his skills in fear that his abilities were intimidating to those that were responsible for him. Douglas knew many ways of how to “exist” and many ways of communication but he soon figured out where his abilities would lead him. He began letting his voice be heard throughout the nation and he began to write books as a reminder, that one could do anything if they set their minds to it. Douglas stated that, “education and slavery were incompatible with each other”. (Douglas pg. 97) Douglas hid his communication skills, which limited his thinking abilities. Each day for him could be compared to that of Helen Keller. Seeing that Keller’s way of thinking was limited to that of what she already knew, and was still a down side to what he was soon capable of doing for others. Douglas also stated that “not only is slavery on trial, the enslaved people are also on trial”. (Douglass pg. 94) His expressions of how he felt were brought out when he discovered that his way of communication and thinking were acceptable in society.

Both Helen Keller and Frederick Douglass allow a person to respond to an outside stimulus. People have to have the ability to communicate and respond to others when they are spoken to, when people write to them and you also have to give responses to what you read in many situations. Not a day goes by that a person doesn’t have to use some kind of communication. It may be body language, written language, verbal or some other sort of communication. Our responses allow us to “think” about what we have to say in order to make feedback with that person. By using these abilities we are allowed to explore our emotions and feelings of the things surrounding us. We can begin to be “in tune” with ourselves again and discover things about ourselves that we never knew. For example, our personality and how others perceive us to be. Also, it displays our strengths and weaknesses in everyday life, by displaying them in a way that is easy for use to understand.

In essence to how critical reading and writing are forms of thinking, one could say that they are both essential to everyday life. It all falls under the way Helen Keller assumed life to be, with the limited amount of ability that she had. You could also compare it with the life of Frederick Douglas and his life with communication with limited opportunities to express his ability. Also, the chance it gives a person to express their emotions, feelings and how to create the skill of responding to an outside stimulus. By doing so, we can create all the essential tools needed to survive in a world where communication and thinking are very important to everyday living. All the examples are relevant to the overall concept of thinking and perceiving and different ways of communication.

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