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Essay on Safety in American Schools

Posted by admin as Example papers

Example Essay on Safety in American Schools

Exploring the issue:
I have taken the side of the arguing issue of needing more safety around American public schools. My side of the issue would be affecting more students in a positive way than it would negatively. More students would have safer trips before school, while school is in session and when school is out. In the past students didn’t need much security because the schools weren’t very big and the population growth wasn’t as large. Now that population growth is rising, there are bigger schools and more students in them. Cameras, guards and possibly metal detectors could be included in helping keep safety at a good steady rate. Safety in American public schools has not been such a broad issue right now as it was during the Columbine shooting or the past shootings, but its still one the top issues Americans are still faced with daily. It is somewhat related to issues in schools dealing with athletics and education standards. The issue would fit into an education factor category since its dealing with school and students.

Exploring your opinion:
In my opinion I think American public schools should be more equipped with safety equipment. The more safety equipment installed in a school will mean lesser crimes committed, more crimes being caught before hand or even helping solve a crime. My opinion will show more positive affects having more safety in the schools. Parents will have fewer worries about sending their child to school in fear that the child will be back in the same condition or even making it home. In larger cities around America it is a big accomplishment to make it through a whole school year or even a week perhaps without feuding with another student. Some students don’t come to school in fear of being beat up, shot, robbed or even bullied around. The more scared students going to school might mean the more weapons being brought just to insure ones own safety. By having all of these safety measures and precautions, the attendance will rise along with reduction of school violence.

Analyzing Potential Readers:
Readers whom might be addressing my argument may consist of students, parents, employees or the school board. My issue could be controversial to any reader, dealing with both the positive and negative affects on them. Parents and the school board might take on the issue that safety will indeed make a positive impact on lesser crimes. Students and employees might take on the issue that their right to privacy is being invaded. Readers will know about the issue that the more safety equipment the less violence there will be around American public schools. People might be affected by the issue personally or professionally depending on if they attend that school, work at that school, has a child attending that school or is in charge of that school and the cost of installing more safety equipment and insure protection. The distance between one and the issue depends more on if one is going to be affected by it. Somebody who doesn’t agree with the issue might not have experienced or come in contact with it before. A reader’s motivation to not have interference of education or insure a child’s safety would influence their decision. I would present my argument to these specific readers because they deal with this problem daily and their decisions are the most effective and accurate. In convincing them on my issue I would hope to achieve more safety in schools or the fact that one day something bad could happen to one of those readers and they will regret not having the safety as stated in my issue.

Listing Reasons:
In my position I am agreeing for more safety in public schools in America. It will reduce the crimes committed on school grounds and inside the school. More safety equipment will mean more reassurance for parents sending their children to school and children attending the school. More reassurance for the students will include a better attendance rate. Without safety children are not going to school because they are in fear and it is interfering with their education.

Considering Other Positions:
Other people who disagree with my position might take into consideration that their privacy is being invaded. Students or even the employees of the school could be affective by this.

Listing Reasons for the Opposing Position:
The students and employees might feel they are being watched too much and excessive safety is interfering with their freedom and right to privacy. Some people might disagree with my position because they are the ones who commit the crimes and do the illegal activities around the school.

Refuting an Implausible Reason:
There are different reasons to why people agree and disagree with the position of having more safety around schools. It’s not like more safety is making a bad impact on the people and hurting their lives. Yes I understand the people will probably feel they are being withheld from their right to privacy or freedom. In school there is nothing one has to really do so private. Nobody is telling or making one do their personal deeds at school. One is only at school for about sevens hours a day during the week. Some of the people disagreeing to this arguing issue might probably be some of the people who commit the crimes. More safety will affect everyone in the schools and make a more positive impact by the reduction in crimes, better attendance rate and more reassurance for both students and parents. Most parents see that it’s in their best interest to give their child the best. Nobody wants to see their child abused by another person. In a Minneapolis school cameras were installed during spring break, two graffiti artists were caught and the vandalism rate dropped. If the safety of the American people in public schools isn’t justice then what is?

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