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Essay on Immigration

Posted by admin as Example papers

Example Essay on Immigration

How should Immigration Conflicts over Child Parental Custody and Political Asylum be Resolved?

Let’s trace the development of the situation concerning immigration and immigrants from the very dawn of the humanity. In ancient times immigrants were positioned in the lowest layers of the society and treated in accordance to that. Together with the development of the ideas of humanism and democracy, parallel with the development of the idea of human rights and laws in general the rights and situation for immigrants was getting better. Slowly, but inevitably this question is being solved step by step in contemporary times as well.

There are two issues of immigrants’ life to discuss in this essay, the former of them being conflicts on child parental custody. When one of the parents is an immigrant, the situation of taking care of the child can become rather problematic. In my opinion, if one of the parents should be deprived of parental rights according to the laws of his / her country or according to the laws of the country, where another parent lives, the contact between such parent and the child is to be stopped. On the other hand, if both partners are good parents then their human rights to seeing and upbringing the child are equal. In such situation, especially when there is a conflict between the parents, it is difficult to solve it. In such case, in my opinion, the child should also have an own vote. The solution may be to let the child decide with whom of the parents he or she wants to spend most time. And one more thing: in my opinion, the state, where immigrants reside, should possibly help them with solving problems of parental custody, including financial help on travel costs (it can be at times difficult for immigrants’ families), the defense of their rights within international court or maybe the court of the country where the other parent lives. Since immigrants become integrated within the society and law-abiding, they should be given the same help as the original citizens of the state.

Let’s consider another situation: a family of immigrants wants to adopt a child in their new country. Again, in ancient times this would be unprecedented. Nowadays we realize that both the child and the parents have their rights to creating a family, to love and to be loved, and preventing them from the realization of these rights is inhumane and unjust. Again, in my opinion, if the immigrants are law-abiding and socially reasonable, they have equal rights with the original citizens, and that is the direction for the development of laws on this subject.

Another problem is connected with immigrants seeking political asylum. Here the question is not only whether to provide the asylum for an individual or not, but it is also a matter of interaction of different countries. Often the fate of an individual depends on the relations between two countries, and this, in my opinion, is totally unjust. Human rights should be equally protected in any country. On one hand, it may happen that someone unjustly treated by the authorities of his own country could be not given asylum if the relations between these countries are friendly. On the other hand, a criminal could look for asylum in a country, opponent to his, and he may as well find it. Both the situations are unacceptable for a society that claims itself to be humane and democratic. In my opinion, there have to be worked out general laws or possibly precedents basing on which states decide whether to give asylum to an individual or not. These international laws must be based on global understanding of human rights and of humanity in general. And of course, in my opinion, the process of working out these laws and rules has to involve experts and representatives from all or from the majority countries of the world.

Conflicts may also appear when a criminal has committed crimes in different countries; then there appear a question under which court this criminal should be judged. For example, one may commit rape in a foreign country and judged in his native country. If the laws in his native country are not strict enough, then it means that the citizens of the “country-victim” would be dissatisfied. One can state plenty of cases where the conflict is not only between individuals, or between an individual and a state, but between the states as well. Such conflicts in case of not solving them compromisely may cause local and even global wars and possibly other demonstrations of power. It is a pity but though the mankind dares call itself civilized, moral and humane, actual facts show us that this is not always true.
Conflicts connected with parental custody and political asylum are just one of the most clear cases where the immigrants’ rights can be impaired. Since the mankind is becoming more and more globalized, laws and even traditions are to change: this is a historical demand. This means the change of the system of values and attitude to immigrants and their problems.

The solutions of the above-mentioned problems contribute to the comprehension of Justice in worldwide understanding. In general, the problems of immigrants include active interaction of law systems of many countries and beside all make a contribution into international law – which, in its turn, is destined to provide and guard the development of the mankind.
Future is impossible without a sufficient system of laws, which is going, in my opinion, to be more democratic, more flexible and of course more humane. Human rights are to take a leading role in the formation of this new system. This development, in my opinion, is the best possible way to solve conflicts in international relations and particularly in the sphere of immigrants’ life.


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