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Essay on Happiness

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Example Essay on Happiness

The problem of search for happiness had worried not one generation. How to make a person happy is the main problem and puzzle for philosophers. The deal is that there is no measure of happiness that would answer to the standards of all people. It’s a very subjective concept that has different interpretation when asked to different people.

The subjective nature of a man is the main reason of subjectivism of happiness. But still when people answer on the question what makes them happy most of them mention nearly the same things: success, self-realization and love. The main measure of happiness is the state of spiritual stability and safety, when a person feels perfection and pleasure form self-realization in professional and personal life. One will say that happiness is when “everyone understands you” other will say when somebody loves you and you love him back, it’s mutual trust, mutual sympathy and mutual love. Everyone from those asked about this question will be right as they are talking about human virtues and universal values that are given to a man from birth and are inalienable.

There is a tendency in society to relate personal happiness to the destiny, but in fact from year to year more and more people are getting convinced that personal happiness mostly depends upon the self-participation in life and self-realization, as a person is the master of his destiny and is a “creator” of his happy life. Here it’s appropriate to add a famous saying, “if you want to be happy go ahead”.

But as a human lives in the society his personal life is united by strong ties with the life of society as well. Happiness cannot be achieved if an individual is isolated from the rest of people, because there will always be a part of the soul that would feel unsatisfaction, and there can be no happiness without satisfaction from life. From this perspective happiness can be achieved only in social harmony and only when social order takes place. The respect to the country, to the parents and elder people make the essential common values for the society and they make the person harmonic and happy, as they regulate his relations with society. It was stated long a go by Socrates, a Greek philosopher who was accused in provoking social unrest and executed.

He didn’t escape from death but took it voluntarily and died being a happy man, he explained his behavior in the following way:

  1. “People should never break the established laws, as these actions doubt their justice and core function.
  2. The person has to respect the country of his birth the same way as he has to respect his parents, as the country provides all essential supplies for his social and cultural development, so the country has to be respected even more
  3. As there is a contract between a country’s government and society, and a person who decides to stay in the country has to “sign” this contract, otherwise he’d better leave the country. In the case he breaks county’s laws the government keeps the right to have him punished” (according to Walden, The Last Days of Socrates)

But at the same time personal happiness cannot be achieved only through pleasures and satisfaction of personal needs. A good example that explains the pointless of such argument is the novel Brave New World where everyone is involved in getting pleasures from casual sex and taking drugs. Happiness is something more than that, it’s a high spiritual feeling that differentiates a person from another living creatures and the seek of happiness and better life is a guarantee of social and moral progress of an individual and society in general.


1. Huxley, Aldous Brave New World Perennial; Reprint edition (September 1, 1998)
2. Walden, The Last Days of Socrates Perennial; (July 1, 1997)

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