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Essay on Canada

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Essay on Current Issues in Canada

Stephen Harper: Media Representation and His Actual Image in Canada
Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada who is considered to be one of the most successful Canadian leaders of last years. At the same time, his public image and representation in media are often quite controversial since, on the one hand, his achievements in the domestic policy are quite impressing, but, on the other hand, his relationship with media are far from perfect. Nevertheless, Stephen Harper has become the real leader of the Conservative party (The Conservative Leader, 2008), whose authority is not only formal but it is also supported by many people who believe that he is able to achieve tremendous success in politics and lead Canada to prosperity.

First of all, it should be said that Stephen Harper may be viewed as a political leader that is made his political career without any assistance from the part of his predecessors or influential political supporters. In other words, it is possible to estimate that all his achievements are absolutely deserved and they are the result of his hard but very productive work. At the same time, he went to the top level Canadian political life steadily and he perfectly new Canadian politics from within since before becoming the Prime Minister of Canada he worked as an MP and later he headed the conservative political force known as the Conservative Party of Canada. In such a way, it is possible to estimate he came through all the important stages which are essential for a successful political career. Moreover, his victory, or to put it more precisely, the victory of the political party he headed on the elections was the result of this long and hard work. It is worthy of mention that specialists (O’Connor, 91) emphasize the fact that the victory of the Conservative Party of Canada is basically the result of Stephen Harper’s leadership that proves his charisma, personal power and influence not only within his party but also within Canadian society. The significance of the victory of the conservative political force may be understood when the fact that it had been the first victory of conservatives since 1993, and their opponents, the Liberal Party, had dominated in Canada for more than a decade.

The attitude of media to Stephen Harper is quite critical. For instance, he is often criticized for his avoidance of communication of media, or else representatives of media oppose to his intention to choose a journalist who asks him a question during press conferences himself (O’Connor, 84). In such a way, Stephen Harper is not afraid of possible conflicts with media or the formation of negative image of the Prime Minister in media. At the same time, media are very critical in relation to his domestic policy. For instance, he is widely criticized for his environmental policy, which directly influences the national health, since he is quite skeptical in relation to the Kyoto Protocol, which directly concerns Canada that suffers a lot from the global warming.

Speaking about the concrete achievements of Stephen Harper, it is possible to name one of the major achievements in the domestic policy of Stephen Harper in relation to Quebecois problem. It is not a secret that Quebec nationalism is a serious problem of Canadian domestic policy that threatens to Canadian federalism and unity of the country. Being representative of a conservative political force, Stephen Harper was supposed to solve this problem radically or fail to solve it all. Basically, the latter, i.e. the failure of the conservative Prime Minister in the solution or finding some compromise in relation to the problem of Quebec, was highly probable, especially when the opposition Bloc Quebecois was to introduce a motion in the House that called for recognition of Quebec as a “nation”. Obviously, the successful introduction of this motion would contribute to the deterioration of relations between the federal authorities and Quebec because it could be viewed as a step on the way of Quebec to separation from Canada. However, Stephen Harper had managed to introduce his own motion that may be viewed as a compromise or even the victory of Stephen Harper in his struggle with the opposition concerning the solution of the problem of Quebec. In fact, his motion recognized that the Quebecois form a nation within a united Canada.

In such a way, speaking about domestic problems in Canada, where ethnic problems are basically solved or at least there is no open conflict between Quebecois and English-speaking Canada, Stephen Harper may be viewed as a strong political leader that has managed to unite the country, or at least partially solve the problem of separatism.

Thus, it is possible to estimate that Stephen Harper has achieved significant achievements in domestic policy, though the attitude of media to this politician is still quite critical.

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