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Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Consumer Behaviour Essay Example

The purchase behaviors of consumers towards different types of products are highly dependent on a myriad of factors which every company must take into consideration. Arguably, consumers have different tastes and preferences for different products depending on different products attributes such as taste, size, packaging, the expiry date, price and mostly the ingredients used to make the product.

As defined above, consumer behavior is the kind of behavior displayed by consumers in the process of making purchase decisions towards products they think will suit their wants and needs. It is imperative to note that consumers are limited by the available time, effort and money when making purchase decisions which means that consumers seek for the best overall products that meet their wants and needs using the minimum effort, less money and time.

Marketers must be well aware of behaviors displayed by consumers towards different products particularly in highly competitive industries where products are almost similar in many attributes. Marketers must take into consideration the type of consumers they are dealing with including organizational and personal consumers. In the current case, personal consumers are the main target of the marketers because products such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and RC Cola are mostly consumed by individual or personal consumers who buy goods or products for their own and their family use.

The marketing implications of the above blind tests conducted on the three brands namely Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and RC cola can either be negative or positive implications. For example, Pepsi Cola being the most liked and the most identifiable brand among the three will require minimum marketing efforts because the consumers will display a routinized response behavior which means that consumers have already well established beliefs and knowledge towards Pepsi Cola as the sweetest brand. Hence, marketing this product will require minimum effort, time and resources in the marketplace because the consumers have a liking for the product.

However, it should be noted that this marketing implication is only positive in certain market segments and with specific personal consumers. In other market segments such as among the diabetic, overweight and obese personal consumers, the marketing implication of the above test would be negative meaning that the company would need to utilize numerous efforts, time and money to market the Pepsi Cola product to these segments of the market because the sweetness of Pepsi Cola is a detriment in these market segments.

The other marketing implication for the consumer behavior tests conducted above is that advertisements costs for the Pepsi product would reduce significantly because consumers would have a way of differentiating the Pepsi product in the marketplace just by testing the products. Arguably, the objective of marketing campaigns such as advertisements is to enable the consumers to differentiate between a company’s products from the competitors’ products. In this regard, the unique test of Pepsi Cola will be one of the differentiation techniques in the market which means that advertisements related to the brand would also reduce as consumers develop their own attachments to the Pepsi Cola.

Importantly, the promotional campaigns which comprise major marketing efforts undertaken by companies to popularize their products to individual consumers will be easier to execute in the marketplace when it comes to Pepsi Cola than Coca Cola and RC Cola. The results of the blind tests revealed that many people preferred Pepsi over other two brands because of the high level of sweetness. In this regard, promotional campaigns for the Pepsi Cola would be easier to execute because consumers have already attractive established attitudes towards Pepsi Cola as compared to Coca Cola and RC Cola.

Product placement is another marketing implication related to the consumer behavior tests conducted for Pepsi Cola, Coca Col and RC Cola. Product placement is a marketing strategy used to make people choose or buy a particular product. Declaring Pepsi as the most preferred brand is a product placement strategy in the minds of the consumers because consumers always seek for products with high prominence through the stories told about the product. The marketing implication here is that Pepsi Cola product placement will be easier to execute because majority of consumers will have positive information originating from the blind tests to the effect that Pepsi Cola is the most preferred brand.

In future, the blind tests will involve more than three brands so that consumers have a wide variety of product choice. With more than three brands, blind tests will be conducted at 3 minutes intervals for each product so that consumers can determine the difference of one product before tasting the other. A representative sample will also be increased from 100 to 200 so that the level of results biasness can be minimized. Some of the unforeseen variables that could have skewed the test results is that there was no way to identify the consumers that had already participated in the blind tests which means that some consumers may have participated more than two times with different taste preferences. However, in future, consumers will be identified either by a mark on the figure after participating in the blind test.

List of questions asked during the blind tests:
1. Which product did you like best?
2. What did you like best about it?
3. Which product did you like the least?
4. What did you like least about it?
5. Was there a big taste difference between the three products?

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