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ADD Essay

Posted by admin as Example papers

ADD Essay Example

I would like to note that ADD stands for the Attention Deficit Disorder and it is a diagnosis made a doctor. People affected with Attention Deficit Disorder share the following similarities:

  • Inattention. People affected with the Attention Deficit Disorder have problems concentrating on certain things and paying attention to them. Many things that ‘normal’ people find interesting would be considered boring by those with ADD. People who suffer from the Attention Deficit Disorder do not like things that comprise many details and oftentimes fail to listen to what is being said to them. As a result these people become forgetful and fail to learn well.
  • Hyperactivity. People with Attention Deficit Disorder typically have excess energy. These people thus are very talkative, quick, uneasy and squirmy. They can hardly ever sit for long and concentrate. Oftentimes they look like Energizer® bunnies that keep running on one battery that does not stop (Tan 211).
  • Impulsivity. People affected with Attention Deficit Disorder typically fail to think before making a leap. They do not think much before taking an action, and answering in class. They do not hesitate to interrupt another person and insist on their point.

Attention Deficit Disorder affects powerfully all aspects of a person’s life and is considered to be a brain-based disorder. The things like inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity characterize the person with ADD. Unless a person get proper medical help and treatment, he/she is likely to incur various mental problems in the future that would arise from the low academic achievements, low self-esteem and inferior social, educational and professional relationships.

People suffering from the Attention Deficit Disorder are different from “normal” people, yet are not necessarily inferior in any respect. There are many bright and gifted individuals who suffer from ADD, who nevertheless, might find many things that require attention to detail as difficult (Mercugliano 833).

When dealing with people affected with Attention Deficit Disorder it is important to know that they require a different approach in communication, and education. Sometimes, it might be necessary to take special medicine to improve concentration and attention, things that people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder lack.

One important thing that needs to be noted here is the fact that those affected with Attention Deficit Disorder are typically very creative. They have a unique view of the world and the environment that surrounds them simply because their superficial concentration allows them to remain more aware of numerous things around them. At the same time it is important that those who have ADD are aware of their condition and thus know their weaknesses.

Speaking about the differences between ADD and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) I have to note that those affected with Attention Deficit Disorder are oftentimes described as depressed and lazy, while those affected with ADHD are described as having various behavioral problems.

Typically schools are aware of the students who might have Attention Deficit Disorder and thus strive to accommodate their needs by conducting frequent seminars on ADD, group therapy, and workshops on how to improve concentration and attention to detail. Students affected with ADD are advised to take classes that require creativity and are recommended a career that would not demand much attention to detail.

Nurses supervise children with ADD and do everything possible that these kids receive an appropriate work load and respectful treatment from the teaching staff in schools. Whenever these students do not receive the treatment they deserve, nurses, contact the school board with recommendations and then the local government authorities that assure equal opportunity for students with ADD and other diseases.

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