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History of racial and ethnic minorities in policing Introduction Racial and ethnic discrimination are actions that are morally wrong because they result to violation of peoples rights. Humanity is guided by the principle of equality that calls for equal treatment of all individuals, claiming that racial differences should not hinder equal treatment of one particular… Continue Reading »

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Out of the Silent Planet Essay

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The Ending of “Out of the Silent Planet” Essay Ransom, the main character, is now in a foreign planet after being kidnapped by Weston and Devine. They had planned to hand him over to a group of humanoids known as the Seroni for sacrifice. He, however, managed to escape and he met a hross known… Continue Reading »

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Science vs Myth Essay

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Science vs Myth Essay Abstract The paper deals with the debate concerning the opposition of science and myth. As points of comparison and contrast Darwin’s theories and Judaism are taken. At the beginning the general opposition is briefly discussed and the basis for argument is found. Then the Judaist positions and further Darwin’s theories are… Continue Reading »

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Essay on Dark Ages

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History of the Dark Ages Essay There are so many books, written about this epoch, so many scientists, who still argue about different events, individuals and just simple facts, whether they took place then or not. This age in the history is called Medieval, Middle, but the best description is Dark, because sometimes it seems… Continue Reading »

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Free Reaction Paper Sample

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Free Reaction Paper Sample The Arabian Peninsula quickly turned into an important player in the “team” of the world, as it was rich in petroleum. The countries of the peninsula were economically independent, but needed military companions. Their views were contradictory; the USA could hardly help them as it supported Israel. The kingdom of Saudi… Continue Reading »

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Free Business Report Example

Posted by admin as Free papers

Business Report Example The mind of every human is made in a way that every time an aspect of our life, present, past, or imaginary, is mentioned, colorful pictures – associations – are built in it. It the era of technological advance and all-absorbing shopping, the associations we get are usually connected with particular brands,… Continue Reading »

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Essay: How Democratic is the American Constitution? Introduction In a series of works, political scientists Robert Dahl (b. 1915) and historian Howard Zinn (1922-2010) developed a fierce critique on the undemocratic nature of the early U.S. legislators. Following their findings and discussion, this paper reviews three aspects in which the American constitution failed to introduce… Continue Reading »

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Children’s Literature Essay

Posted by admin as Free papers

Ways in which J.R.R Tolkien’s the Hobbit Changed Children’s Literature There are many authors whose work have made a great contribution to the world of literature and have changed it forever. Literature and its comprehension are very subjective. Thus, for different people in the different periods of their lives different authors have been influential, life… Continue Reading »

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Essay on Polarization

Posted by admin as Free papers

Free Essay on Polarization Polarization is a phenomenon that frequently plays a significant role in the process of business communication or negotiations. Although polarization has been studies extensively in the academia, practical applications of the scholarly knowledge about polarization remain limited. Perhaps the best definition of polarization is given by Michelle Maiese and Tova Norlen… Continue Reading »

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The Last of the Mohicans Essay

Posted by admin as Free papers

The Last of the Mohicans Essay The Last of the Mohicans is a famous novel by James Fennimore Cooper. It is a story of love, jealousy, betrayal, flight, captivity, and frontier warfare. All this makes it one of the best adventure stories of all times. This paper will not provide the reader with book summary,… Continue Reading »

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