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On our blog you will find a lot of useful tips and advice from professional academic writers, along with the specific examples of their writing. Here you may read various sample research papers and case studies, theses and dissertations, essays and reviews. All the sample papers we post on our blog may only serve as an example for our visitors and cannot be submitted as their own work, since this will result in plagiarism accusations. However, if you like a certain paper and would like to order a similar one on your specific topic – do not hesitate to place an order on our website and have your paper completed from scratch by our professional PhD and Master's degree holding writers.

Archive for November, 2010

Example Essay on Academic Achievement Poor academic performance in a primary school aged child could be a symptom of a myriad of biological, psychological and social conditions. These may vary from child abuse and neglect to learning disorders, to attention deficits, giftedness, and anxiety disorders. Initial assessment arising from such a broad complaint as ‘poor… Continue Reading »


Essay on Candide

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Free Essay on Candide by Voltaire Why did Voltaire chose to use the format of a tale to present the story of Candide, why did he chose to use a tale to present his ideas of the world, how he perceive the world as true love does not conquer and religion will not save you,… Continue Reading »

Sample Research Paper on Native Americans Through out the history when humans walked the earth there always has been a dominant group trying to convert people different from them into sharing their beliefs and cultures. There has been many different process that these dominant groups have tried to convert their sub dominant groups, and many… Continue Reading »


Essay on Nelson Mandella

Posted by admin as Example papers

Example Essay on Nelson Mandella Emperor Haile Selassie I and Nelson Mandela both have devoted their lives to the people pf Africa. They have both left a huge mark on African history. These two men both fought a struggle for the rights and freedom of their people. Even though Emperor Haile Selassie I was killed,… Continue Reading »

Free Research Paper on Sleep Deprivation Since I started eighth grade, I have noticed that when listening to my teachers lecture, I have a tendency to zone out. However, this is not on purpose, it is due to my fatigue, which stems from a lack of sleep. Once I finish a class and am out… Continue Reading »


Essay on Tranquilizers

Posted by admin as Sample papers

Sample Essay on Tranquilizers Tranquilizers that hinder the sympathetic nervous system activity often successfully reduce people’s subjective experience of severe fear and anxiety. Since tranquilizers are barbiturates, which are an anti-depressant, they slow down your internal systems. The sympathetic nervous system is part of a humans’ autonomic nervous system. It is responsible for rendering all… Continue Reading »


Essay on John Maynard Keynes

Posted by admin as Free papers

Free Essay on John Maynard Keynes John Maynard Keynes is probably the most influential economist of the twentieth century and is often regarded as having revolutionized the perspective of the world with regards to the economy and the role of the government in society. His major work The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money… Continue Reading »

The House on Mango Street Essay Sample When growing up, every child dreams of living in a bigger and better house than the one in which they are living. This is also true of the narrator in The House on Mango Street. Throughout her childhood, her family has moved multiple times. As a child, she… Continue Reading »


Essay on Cherokee

Posted by admin as Example papers

Example Essay on Cherokee Cherokee North American tribe, set in the ancient territory of the Louisiana could have near-oriental origins. It’s what some members of the tribe believed, according to them, in their oral legend, it is hand down that their ancestors came from the sea from a place called “Masada”.. This is the incredible… Continue Reading »


Essay on eBay

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Example Essay on eBay Over the past decade and a half computers and technology have changed our lives dramatically. In the 80’s computer changed the way companies did business and today in the beginning of the 21st century it has only gained momentum in the ways it has changed business. When the internet came along… Continue Reading »

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